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Name That Kitten! :)

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Hi my cats having kittens soon so please vote on your favorites! Its mutiple choice, so go name those kittens!
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I think its so cute when kitten names all have a theme. Like princesspurr did with "stormy, blizzy, and nimby."
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I like names that go together
Snowwhite had nimbus (nimby), stormy, and blizzy (blizard)
Neo and Morphues (MoeMoe) are from the matrix
And Granit and Marble are types of tile my dh sells at his work...which is where he found the kitties

What about a flower theme? Like tiger lilly, dandy lion, Rose, daffidil. It is spring time and there are soooo many different kinds of flowers. Like purrywinkle (instead of perrywinkle)
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I like names that go together, too!
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I like the flower idea...:daisy: :flower: :daisy: :flower:
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I like names that end with the sound E -- like Harry, Maggie, Joey, Fluffy, Stormy, Blizzy, Nimby and .... They're easy names to call out ... "C'mere Harrrrryyyyyy" LOL!
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I tend to name for personality traits or occasions. Opie is a mischievous redhead, Rowdy is obvious and I got Pearl on Pearl Harbor Day.

Ike was born in Tombstone and he and his littermates are all named for Earps and Clantons (gunfight at the OK Corral).

I've had a Scamp, a Feisty and a Spunky. Shamrock was born on March 17. Buddy and Peanut came with their names but they fit them.
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When Lilith had her kittens, we named them based on what they looked like. We had every intention of giving them "grown up names", but the kitten names somehow stuck.

Blondie is, of course, a blonde (tabby.)

Jules is named for Orange Julius drink, he is orange.

Polly is a polydactyl cat.

Pan got her name because the "M" on her forehead looks like horns. She's named for the Greek god Pan, who had horns. He is a character in Wind in the Willows, as well, the god who watches over and protects all the animals.

Silver is a silver tabby.

Max was the littlest of the litter to survive. We lost 2 within 24 hours despite our best efforts and vet help. We named the smallest kitten "Maximus" to give it a name "to grow into".
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I guess Im in the food group mood ( aka: Cinnamon, Cupcake, Muffin, etc) I was going to put chocolate in there lol.. but I thought I would get cravings for chocolate everytime I called the kitten lol!!!
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LOL All my kitties are named after food. I am owned by Milo, Popcorn, Coco and Vegemite. The little foster-kitten is Liquorice. With a food theme, you never run out of names!

I like place names too - Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart, Victoria etc.
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AWW!!! How cute!!! Little vegemite! lol!! HOW CUTE!!!!! aww...
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LOL, she is very cute. Here she is: (apologies for the poor quality of the pic.)
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Aww.. Shes SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! aww what a cute patootie!!!
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I voted Muffin, I think cupcake and muffin would go luuuuvly together , I like cats that end in E as well, Yogi,Loonie,L.E,Holly,Sophie, heheheh
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I had a friend who cat a kitten JUST like that one! He named her WASABE. (as in WAZZUP)
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I wish I would've thought of Fawn or muffin as a name for my Girl cat.. But oh well Patches is okay too.
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Hehe I was thinking of patches too!!!! But I didnt think it went with the food chain lol

I know Fawn and Romeo And Prince arent food eiter but I LOVE fawn and I couldnt think of any boy food names lol

But I still LOVE patches too
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