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wishes needed for Tigger

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hubby took her to the vet on wednesday, and it was a UTI. They also did bloodwork, which came back fine, and x-rays, which showed no blockages, or crystals or stones. She stayed overnight because we had school that night. When she was there they were able to get her to pee, and they also gave her fluids for dehydration. I thought I heard the vet tech mentions something about her walls being thickened (if you see my post in the health section!). She was given clavamox for 14 days and some pain meds. She didnt drink until this morning, but I took her in, at the vet's request. They gave her some more fluids, and said she was a tad dehydrated. Ive also been givng her canned food to get water into her. She has not urinated yet, or I cannot be sure. I thought she did yesterday, because she squatted really low and I thought I heard it too.
Anyways please send good vibes for her. They said if she does not urinate, to take her into the emergency vet clinic.
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Positive vibes coming your way! Hope your baby gets better soon.
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On the way from Pennsylvania too! Get better Tigger!
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Get better quickly Tigger.
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"Get better fast" vibes coming from GA!!! I hope Tigger gets well soon!
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urine be alright soon, Tigger!-----It sounds better with a heavy southern accent!! (like---you are)
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wish's coming from NY
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Our thoughts and prayers coming to you from Wisconsin. I hope all goes well and your baby has a very speed recovery.
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Sending Get-Better-Tigger wishes!
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Sending 'get better soon Tigger' thoughts from Down Under!
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Tigger get well soon!
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Tigger please get better!!!! Let us know!! Sending positive vibes your way!!
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How is Tigger today?
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Please get better Tigger!
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More healthy vibes coming from Colorado!
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Best wishes from San Diego. Get well, Tigger!
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Comeon Tigger, go pee pee for mom and dad! thought and wet wishes coming late as usual from Iowa. How's Tig today??
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is she better? i hope she gets well soon.
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Sending get well vibes to Tigger from IL

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We left her in our computer room with the door shut last night, and I checked the litter box and it was wet, as if she had peed; there was quite a bit, too.
She has also started to drink a little more also, which I usually put my finger in the bowl & swish the water around. She also drank a bit from the kitchen faucet & bathtub faucet. She seems A LOT better.
We are going to do the same thing again tonight, with some more fresh litter, so we know for sure. If I dont see any, I will call the vet speak with the on-call vet to see what they suggest. To be honest, I don't want to take her to an er clinic, so if they suggest it I will tell them I'd rather bring her in on Tuesday for them to see her & not have an er vet look at her w/o knowing her history, unless it is absolutely necessary.
She took her clavamox drops like a champ yesterday & today, which is was proud of her I will just be happy when the bottle is empty so I can give her the pill form.
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Oh, I'm so happy to hear of Tiggers pee, I know I had an UTI once and I was a *^%$#, no wonder she doesn't want to take her med's.

Are the pills easier for her? ----I know with my kittys they take liquids better.

Well, again I'm glad she tinkled today.
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Way to go Tigger - no more frightening mommy!
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It has always been soooo much easier to give her a pill than it is to squire the meds down her. today she spit ALL of it out and that was just disgusting

We left her in the bedroom, again, overnight & with fresh litter. We were unable to tell if she went, since we used Fresh Step clay litter & it's different colors. So, I called the vet on-call at our vet, and she said that it sounds like she is doing good & there is no need to take her in to the ER! She said when cats are put in stressful situations, it will cause them to act abnormal, such as not peeing, etc. She said to just let her return to her normal life. So, now I do feel better.
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Glad she's doing better. Still, I'll send some extra get well vibes Tigger's way just in case!

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