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What is the most unusual food you ever sampled?

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For me, it was fried rattlesnake- at a beach party no less! Sounds trite, but it "tasted just like chicken!"

What have you eaten?
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I have'nt tried snake! The strangest thing I have tried is cat food!
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Poi when I was in Hawaii. Nope I didn't like it.
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cat food, dog food , rat food,duck, fried pig tounge and eyes , Yeeeeep That's me!
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As a kid I ate rabbit meat with gravy. tasted just like chicken.
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I had vegemite that was mailed to me years ago.... NASTY!!!! stuff tastes like a salt lick.... smells like *****
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Cabbie you had better be careful with the vegimite talk around here, some are sensitive to it.--------but a ******salt lick

I tried jellyfish once. I didn't like it, they ground it up right in front of you, tentcles and all, they you eat it raw right then. Nope, tried one, tiny, ity, bity, tincy, weecy, beancy sliver and nope. I really don't think it tasted that bad but I mean I could have done w/o the slaughter at my dinner table.....
We had it packaged to go, figuring we'd see some homeless person who might be hungry, on the way to the train. We gave the neatly tied foil swan to this man with his home on his back and we didn't get 10 feet before he told us to F*** off.---I still laugh till this day, now if I want to feed any homeless I'll go in the store with them.
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I ate an emu burger once... also whole baby octopus, which my husband thinks is the grossest thing ever. I've eaten some odd-coloured things in sushi that I'm not sure what kind of fish they were. Marmite, which is similar to vegemite, I tried once to humour a British friend - ewww!
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I had trutle soup,NO I DID NOT LIKE IT!!!!!
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Cabbie you had better be careful with the vegimite talk around here, some are sensitive to it.--------but a ******salt lick
Sorry but I thought it was a chocolate spread or something.... I just slathered it on bread and tasted it and went blech! Don't know how you Aussies stand the stuff
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I am one of those people who insist on knowing what manner of creature the food is before I will decide whether to try it. Therefore, I have not had any unpleasant surprises in this area. I have turned down squid, octopus, goat, ostrich and beaver meat.

I guess the most unusual thing I've had is a taste of buffalo steak, which was quite yummy. Kind of like the leanest, more flavorful beef you can imagine.

And then there's the vietnamese drink I had once made from coconut milk, gelatin and some sort of beans. It wasn't terrible, but I would never order it again.

This is not to say that I am a picky eater. I love Indian, Italian, Chinese, Burmese and Polish foods. Have had some others (Thai, French, Belgian) which were also good.
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Cabbie mate, don't you go disrespecting our Vegemite! It is a wonderful and nutritious food and everyone in the world should be allowed to taste and therefore love it!

The most unusual food I had was Impala. Yes, those cute deer-like creatures that roam the African plains. I would like to say I didn't know it was Impala until it was too late - a big plate AND a second helping, too late. This was when I was in South Africa.

The second most unusual food I've had was only unusual because I didn't know what it was - Spatchcock. Then someone told me it was pigeon and I was pretty upset LOL. When I found out it was really baby chicken, I was VERY upset. I had it in high school when I was nominated for some award and got to dine with our State Politicians.
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Bear sausage and squirls. My granda used to make rabbits and squirels stewd with tomatoes. it was good.
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I am not a picky eater at all, I'll try anything once. I'm going to culinary school and we get 1 meal/day free at the international bistro there. Each night is a different themed meal, 3 weeks in rotation. Like Thursday was Middle East, which didn't think I would like but which I loved. Friday was chinese food, which I usually like but found disgusting there. In three weeks we'll have them again, with different students preparing them. I got to try Rockfish on Friday, but I can't give an opinion as it was over-salted and I couldn't taste the fish. I'd have to say the oddest thing I've eaten is probably alligator!
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Cabbie ya gotta have 1/2 of the jar on ya toast of vegemite it's Num Num Nummy with butter Mmmmm don't tempt me !!
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I am way too picky and won't try anything that looks weird or strange...
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Wild Boar--which is like the best steak you'll ever have.

Never got up the guts to try smoked Eel when I was living in Germany.

I do love sushi, however, but not abalone or eel sushi (the raw ones because the abalone is too gushy and the eel is too chewy).

I don't like it when the food looks like the animal so I can't eat the fried baby octopus, but I can eat the regular adult calamari.
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We have sushi often......

but -

Rocky Mountain Oysters ARE NO SUSHI!!!

(after watching Fear Factor no less)
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My parents LOVE Rocky Mountain Oysters. My sister and I won't even try them. I don't know, eating that part of the body just doesn't seem right. My Mom says they're really good, though.
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I have tried squid (calamari), but it was in Biology class, so we disected them and then ate them. That's what made it a bit strange. It was good, though. I was one of the only people who liked it.

Tried alligator sausage once, didn't care for that. It was too chewy.

I never thought it was strange since I grew up with it, but in our house heart was a delicacy - antelope, deer and elk hearts (my family hunted for our food, and that's almost the only meat we ate was venison). It is REALLY good - very rich and a very smooth meat. Imagine tenderloin x100.
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I was tricked into eating rocky mountain oysters when I was 8 years old and visiting the USA. Needless to say I have never been allowed to live it down and yes at the time I thought that I was eating some sort of seafood!!

I LOVE vegemite – it is one of the most fantastic creations out there (yes I am an ozzie). Just thinking about it makes me drool and want some vegie toast – mmm vegemite toast!
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Hmmm . . . I've eaten squid, that I personally caught earlier that day, no less! I felt kind of bad, though, I didn't like killing them very much.

I've tried Poi in Hawaii and hated it. I was little and a man told me it was chocolate pudding! Yech! How could someone do that to a little kid??

My fiance and I LOVE seaweed and rice. It's a Korean food. The seaweed is cooked with salt and sesame oil and then the rice is put on top and you roll the whole thing up.
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In my opinion the most unusual was raccoon
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The most unusual thing I ever tryed was frog meet! A friend of me had a Birthday and cook this frog legs. And they also tasted like chiken
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I love sushi, eel is my favorite, but it's the cooked kind. Also tried alligator, and it is very chewy. I'm pretty open to new foods. I don't like caviar, tried it a few years ago, too salty. I ate ostrich meat at a Mongolian barbecue restaurant. I liked it, it was red like beef but tasted like chicken.

I don't watch Fear Factor--what's a Rocky Mountain oyster? I'm almost afraid to ask!
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Isn't Rocky Mountain Oysters the testicles of a bull?

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Science Diet K/D dog food-it's just chicken and rice and tastes pretty good.

Alligator-chewy and not like chicken.

Sushi-shrimp, eel and mackeral are the weirdest I've eaten.

Jellyfish and calamari-the nastiest things on the face of the earth.
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That's exactly what Rocky Mountain Oysters are.

The first time someone tried to get me to taste them I refused because I knew there were no oysters in the Rocky Mountains.
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Hi Hissy,
the most unusual food I ever had to try was bull´s testicles. Tasted a little like liver which I can´t stand either.That was in Greece and the relatives simply shoved it into my mouth without telling me what it was Yuck.
Love Elisabeth
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I have to share something that happened about 12 years ago. We used to live in Alaska and Mike's friend married a native woman. We went to the wedding and they had seal oil there on the buffet table. Lucie coaxed Mike into trying it. He told her he didn't want to much of it- and dipped the tip of a toothpick into it and put it on his tongue! LOL The look on his face defied description! He did not appreciate me laughing at him.

Later they brought around bowls of "ice cream" mmm love ice cream. There were fresh berries sprinkled all over, looked yummy! I took a HUGE spoonful and OMG! I almost gagged! Come to find out Eskimo ice cream is the equivalent of taking crisco shortening, whipping it up in the blender and throwing fruit on top! Those candid wedding photos taken were so hard to live down! LOL
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