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Beautiful evening.

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It is going for sunset here in the North East (USA) - the sun is glistening off the top of the trees by the river and a gorgeous deer is grazing in the back yard. My feral mom, Goldie is sleeping on a rock by the stone wall fence and her 4 little beauties are romping around her. Can't get much better than this........
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Oh it sounds BEAUTIFUL, Debra!!! Thanks for sharing it!
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Makes me miss Alaska, here was a view from our friend's cabin at Point McKenzie
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Hissy - you took my breath away with that photo -
If I were your friends, I would never leave there!
God sure treats us all to undeserved beauty, doesn't he?
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They sold their beautiful home in Anchorage and moved across the inlet. This view now wakes them every morning. They have moose, and porcupines, and foxes and ptarmigans and all kinds of critters in their front yard. The last letter I got from Judy, her and John were talking about permitting their land for a National Park. They just have to install an outhouse to do this, but it would be protected land with NO hunting!
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Ugh...Debra if you only knew how I felt about the sun today. The beautiful weather here in CT was yesterday. Only it was supposed to rain and I ended up burning the heck out of my arms and face. I came home from work because my eyes are burning and I felt crummy. The sun would pop out here today and I felt like I was in a vampire movie and had holy water thrown on me.
Hissy, that IS a beautiful picture. I just wouldnt want to move to Alaska to see it. Maybe someday I will have a view like that!!
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The evening here at Portland in Oregon was beautiful, too — even though it rained a bit! The sun peeked through a time or two.

Here's a view of the beach on Key Biscayne where I worked as a teen-ager at Miami in Florida, back in the early 1960s. There were some nice views to be had there, too!

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Oh deer, I was just thinking about strating a thread dedicated to your most favourite places but it seems it has just started itself. I'd also like to share a picture of my favourite mountain where I used to go every summer. Unfrotunatley I'm more pressed for time now and cannot afford it as often as used to but still: here it goes...
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Wow....those are some beautiful pictures!!!!!
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