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Chicken Food

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Ok, I'm addicted. Isis loves chicken sooo much that now when she gets little pieces she purrs like an engine and it is too cute. Buuut, I am not dumb and I don't want to cause problems for Isis down the line like having a very plump adult Isis. Anyone have recommendations on kitten food that seems to appease the great chicken lovers out there?
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Nothing wrong with chicken. Mine gets boiled chicken twice a month with carrots. I just cook it, debone it and mash the meat and the carrots together. I also save the broth in the freezer and in the colder months, I defrost it an pour it over their dry food.
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I feed my kitties raw chicken. If it is cooked, I debone it and process it. I add carrots, squash, sweet potato. Basically, I add whatever vegetable I cook for dinner. I never put corn, mostly green vegetables. I also add bananas or apples!
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huh, I don't know why but I thought that feeding Isis chicken would eventually make her a little too chubby. My goodness that kitten looooves chicken! She runs from all the way from the other side of the apartment to stand in the kitchen and cry for chicken. And I give it to her, because she has these big eyes that are too terriably cute and then she purrs and purrs and purrs.

I try to give it to the other two but they just sniff at it like
'what's this'?

They shouldn't be allowed to be this cute! They always get their way! hehe.
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