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Kass??? I need a Nakita fix!

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email me a hit of Nakita will you? I miss seeing her beauty around here.
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LOL! Post it, too, please! I wanna see!!!!!! LOL!
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Actually I just developed some pics from when we went to the cottage! I'll post them tomorrow, how's that? Can you hold off one more night?

Can you believe my girl is almost a year old? Time flies!

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Yeah, I guess we can wait . . . . *pouts* (J/K) LOL!

Wow! Time does go by fast! I know I'll be saying that about Luna in no time!
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I love looking at her too, she is so very beautiful!!
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As promised, here are some pics. We went to my cottage for a week and it rained the whole time and was cold!! There was only one day when it didn't rain and that is the day that I took these pics. Since it is spring, the black flies were also out and Nakita didn't enjoy this 'new' experience! Neither did I!

This cottage has been in our family for over 70 years and when my grandparents immigrated from Finland they paid $10 for 7 acres!!! It's located on the Canadian Shield so the land is a mix of rocky shorelines and woods.

Sorry for the picture quality but I was using a 35mm and didn't have the right film settings for the cloudy conditions!

Picture of the lake

Cottage Landscape

Nakita taking a walk!

Rob & Nakita

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She's so beautiful!!!!!
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Oh, and the cottage is as well, and Rob is a cutie, too!!! (You lucky lady)
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Originally posted by 55Dali
......(You lucky lady)
Yes I am! Thanks for the compliments!

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She's gorgeous!
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Gorgeous! Lake & Nakita (Rob)!
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WOW! Kass check you email and get back to me please?

Thanks for sharing these, what a gorgeous setting, gorgeous man and gorgeous kitty!
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Great pix Kass! She's such a beautiful cat...and Rob's a hottie too!
What a lucky woman you are!
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Dang Kass - you've got it all! LOL

Thanks for sharing with us! Nakita is gorgeous as ever - and I can't get over how TINY she is.
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What a beautiful family you have there... Kass. Nakita is lookin good as always
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Oh my gosh, she is TEENY! (And beautiful, as always. ) I just never realized how itsy-bitsy Nakita is.
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Keep your eye on MeowMews in June- Nakita is going to be featured in one of the games!

Thanks Kass, the merchant was thrilled to see such a cool picture!
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Oh Kass.. I am IN LOVE !!!!!

Nakita is just purrrrrfect.

Rob is a hottie too!
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Kass, You have such a beautiful "family."
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Thanks everyone for all the nice comments! I appreciate them!

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Kass - you know I love Nakita! Thanks for the FIX!
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I FINALLY MADE IT TO THIS THREAD!!!! I've been working my way back... can't believe how much I missed in just a week!

Kass - it's gorgeous! They're gorgeous! She's gorgeous! He's gorgeous!

I LOVE where your cottage is!!!!!! It is my definition of beauty. (Gary and I want to move to Northern Wisconsin. Similar, but maybe a bit milder weather-wise?)

And what the heck are you apologizing about the quality of those pics for? THey're FABULOUS!!!! If you hadn't of said anything, I'm sure we'd have all thought the effect was on purpose!!! THEY"RE GORGEOUS PICS!!!!

And Rob IS a hottie!

And just two Nakita pics? I'm getting greedy now!!!!!

I'm so sorry it rained so much! It means... not enough pictures for us, LOL!

Hate to say it Kass, but you're just going to have to grab the family and take another vacation soon!
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