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What's your proposal story?

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How were you proposed to? Or how did you propose?

I hope there isn't a thread for this already, if there is I apologize, I thought it would be a good one!
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***Note – This proposal did not result in marriage***

My now ex proposed to me while driving down the interstate. He was driving and he says to me “So, what would you think about getting married?†and I said “Yea I suppose we should, we’ve been together for 2 years now.†so he says “Ok great. Here.†and hands me a ring out of his pocket. I did accept the proposal, but we split up before the wedding anyhow.

Here’s hoping the next one is a bit better.
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Here is my thread.....Picture of the ring included!


We are getting married on July 11 this year and I cannot wait!!!
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I am a diabetic. To control my blood sugar, I need to eat small meals frequently, and not delay nor skip them. When DH and I were dating, we went out to dinner on a Saturday night; I had skipped my 3PM snack, and had not really eaten anything for lunch. It was 6 PM, and every darned restaurant had a 1-2 hour wait--and I could feel that horrible feeling of hypoglycemia coming on. At around 7 PM, I couldn't take it any longer (and one of the sypmptoms is grouchiness); also, he was being very picky about where to eat, and I could just see what was going to happen if I delayed my meal any longer. I kinda snapped at him, "Look, there's a grocery store over there--at this rate, we'll be eating there--and I need food NOW, please!!!" We decided on the pizza place there; I didn't care what I ate, as long as it was food!

Part way through the meal, when I was feeling normal again, I apologized to him, and I explained what had happened. He said, "That's ok; you know I love you; and anyway, I wouldn't be thinking of asking you to marry me if it bothered me." I replied, "What?" "Oh, come on, we both have known since the beginning that we were getting married!" "Well, that's news to me!" "I'd ask you in a heartbeat, if I thought you'd say 'Yes'". "Well, try me then--you'll never know unless you ask!" "Will you marry me?" "YES!!!!!!!"

He wanted to buy me an angagement ring then--so we went to the Mall. I made sure he had a lot of discount coupons for the ring (I didn't want him to have anymore debt). He insisted on a diamond ring; I didn't have the heart to tell him I wanted a cheaper garnet ring!

The funny thing--I went back there a week or so later; this place has a divider of stained glass scenes of Italian cities, with their names on it, as a room divider. Where we sat, you could see the panels on the reverse side. I realized that the one where we had sat was the back of "Roma"; backwards, it's "Amor"--Latin for "Love"!

Actually, he had been dropping hints since the beginning. We met online in May; 1st date was the 23rd of June; then by July 4th, when he had me meet his family, he was dropping hints. He told me that his Dad had said, "Son, if you don't marry that girl, I will; you;d better keep her!" The week after, he steered me to the engagement ring counter in a department store, and made me choose something; then wimped out, and bought me a ruby ring for my upcoming birthday. Oh, I was MAD! I later found out that that little farce was a reconnaisance mission for engagement rings; but then he thought it best to not surprise me!

He told me that he knew from our first date that he wanted to marry me--must've been the red shirt I wore (he loves red)!
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Rob and I took off work on our 2 year anniversary in 2007 to run errands and spend the day together (even though we worked at the same company anyway Though his last day was that Friday). We went to doctor's and dentist's appointments, and spent time together lounging at the house.

That night we went out for dinner to Applebee's to hang out with our friend who works there. From there, we went to Isle of Palms, which is my favorite beach here in SC. He had told me a few months earlier that he had wanted to walk the beach under the stars on our anniversary ... even though it's in February! It was about 40ºF out, and the sea breeze didn't help us feel any warmer. He brought a blanket with him in case we got cold hanging out there. We walked along the shore talking about how we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with one another, and how we knew each other was the one. He had told his mom after the first day he met me that he would marry me one day. A few minutes later, he "dropped" the blanket on the ground and when he went to pick it up, he got on one knee and took the ring box out of his pocket.

I was all like "what are you doing???", not really believing he was about to propose! Haha. He asked me to marry him, of course I said yes! It was the exact ring I had told him I wanted, right down to the color of the diamond! The man had listened! LOL. Although, he also asked me daily for about a year what kind of ring I wanted. I found out in December he had purchased the ring while going Christmas shopping with his mom (and I went Xmas shopping for him by myself). He brought the ring to my parents' house for Xmas, and asked them for "permission" to marry me while I was out getting a gift card with my brother for my parents. Somehow, they managed to keep their mouths shut for the month and a half in between! Both Rob and my dad almost slipped though during Xmas weekend.

I of course texted all the people in my phone to tell them, they all freaked out and asked when the wedding was. He had already picked February 5, 2008 as the date, which would keep the same anniversary we already had (so exactly 1 year after we got engaged).
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