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update on tigger..... & some questions

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I took tigger in to the vet again today, to have her checked out per the vet. They found she was still a bit dehydrated, and gave a little more fluids. My question is this; they did bloodwork on her on Wednesday & said her kidneys were in normal function, and also the xrays showed no stones, crystals or blockages, just some thickening of the bladder, if I heard her right, or maybe it was her urine. They gave me Clavamox to give her for 14 days, and also some pain meds. They told me that if she does not urinate over the weekend, to take her to an emergency animal clinic, or to tell the vet on-call to see if she needs to go. She has been drinking some today. But, I dont know for sure if she has urinated or not ?? The vet said to put her in a room by herself with water & a literbox to see how much she drinks & if she has used the box, but I cannot do this. If she had had a blockage of her uretha or something, wouldnt it have shown up on the xrays? She said they also would have called me that day to tell us if it was something that serious.
Could it be that she just has a bad one & that the meds may take a while?
Hubby thinks that she is fine, but I dont know ... I mean she is eating and alert, but still.......

Also, if she had a blockage wouldnt she be lethargic and not play, too?
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Tigger, if she has a thickening of her walls, the vet is probably concerned that she cannot pass urine efficiently. If she cannot pass the urine, it builds up inside of her, which is why she needs to be put into a room where you can check on her, make sure she is peeing and that she is peeing good amounts and not small amounts (a warning sign) She may feel alright now, as it takes time for the urine to build up inside of her, but once it does, it is generally to late. X-rays are good, but they don't always show everything they need to. I would put her in your bathroom, give her two litter boxes and some toys a box or cat carrier to sleep in. If like me, you have a dinky bathroom, put her bed in the tub or shower, just put a towel down for her first so she doesn't have to feel the slippery surface. Cats normally eat prey for a living- prey is about 70% water. Putting cats on dry food means we are only giving them 15% water- that is a huge drop. You can encourage her to drink by feeding her wet food and mixing water with it- not to much, but enough to make a gruel.

Good luck with her- just follow your vet's advice, he has seen her and understands what is going on.
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I am going to do what they told me too .. I put a bowl of water with the amount they told me too & a litterbox w/ fresh litter.
My only concern is that if she has a thickened wall, why didnt they keep her longer? What do they do in cases like that? Put her on a special diet for urinary problems?
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I am only guessing here, but urinary tract infections react badly to stress. Perhaps the vet felt that at home, under your excellent care she stood a better chance of kicking this? Plus if the x-rays were inconclusive- he may just be going with his gut feeling?

I read your statement here
The vet said to put her in a room by herself with water & a literbox to see how much she drinks & if she has used the box, but I cannot do this
which is why I suggested you follow his advice. I must have misunderstood what you wrote.
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No, you didnt read it wrong I did decide to do this.... shes in the computer room with me w/ the door shut.

If I need to take her to an emergency vet, how much do they charge if they have to cathertize? We have spent $200 already, which is a lot less than what I expected.

Ive also tried putting her in her litterbox and she jumps out. Maybe she just doesnt have to go?? I could almost swear she went yesterday because she squated really low & I could her it drop on the box (the pee that is) /// Yes, I do do that (peak my head in to make sure)
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It depends on the clinic and the time of day you go in, plus what they have to do for her.

Hopefully you will not have to find out. I would just leave her be, let her rest but keep an eye on her.
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