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Husband is Scared of Cats

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I know I've posted that my husband finally accepted my cats (my big requirement for marriage), but he's still scared of cats and dogs. My cats are not currently living with us, but they will when we finally get out house. Is there anything I could do to help my husband realize that the cats aren't scary? My Toeser actually adores my husband. My little girl, though, is scared of all men except my Dad (I think something happened to her before I got her because she's always been like that and it took her 6 months to warm up to my Dad). I want my family to be one big happy family.
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My friend had a similar problem with her boyfriend and cat. Don't force the situation. Making your husband care for and pet the cat when he's not ready to will just make it worse. She said it was similar to bringing a new cat into a household that already had a resident cat. She let her boyfriend and cat coexist and eventually.......like after 6 months, the boyfriend's aversion to the cat subsided and the cat seemed to sense it. Now they are friends.....not great buddies, but friends is pretty good.
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Do you know why he is scared of cats? If you do can you share why? That will help to know a little more what is behind the fear.
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Apparently when he was a kid his family had a cat and it went crazy and attacked him. It scratched up his face really bad and even took a chunk out of one of his thighs. He's been around my babies (we were dating for a year where he'd come to my house and Toes would follow him around dreamily).

My Dad used to hate cats when he married my Mom, but he got her a cat as a wedding present and within 6 months he was in love. All of our cats have absolutely loved my Dad. I figure if I let it be my husband will at least attain an ability to live with them.
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I would say just integrate him slowly into caring for the cats. Tell him not to look them in the eyes when he interacts with them, they will see and smell his fear, and it will stress them out. I would trim their nails, or get them a natural wood scratching post so they can blunt their claws and not be such a threat to him. Tell him to breathe slow and deep when they are around him, and think pleasant thoughts. If he stresses out in any manner and the cat starts to attack then throw a blanket quickly over the cat that is stressed, and carry the cat out of the room.

Even the most placid cat when confronted with a human who smells like fear will go on alert. So just be vigilant and hope that he can get this past this. He must really love you to allow you to have cats- good for him!
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Good luck! Just let him go at his own pace . . . when he sees how good your babies are, I'm sure he'll warm up at least a littl!
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