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new kitty

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I made it as far as to look at the Bengals(lol) it was hard to pick between two males, they both sat in my lap and went to sleep. My little Granddaughter made the choice for me.

Now I need some advice as I have not had a cat in a long time. I put him in my spare room with litter box, food toys and a little bed. Should I just leave him alone for a while? or let him have the run of the house?. I peek in the room and he is just staying in one place. I do remember with cats it takes a while before they settle in.

He is so cute!!!
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Keep him in the room, but go in and play with him a little bit. Talk to him. When he appears comfortable in the room then you can give him access to the rest of the house.

Congratulations and can't wait to see pictures!
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Congratulations on the new kitten!!

I'll move your questions to the Behavior Forum where you'll get more advice.
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Greetings! You have a great kitty! I can ask the bengal breeder about your kitty adn what to to with him! OK?
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Click here to read the Humane Society advice on bringing home a new cat.
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