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Name Problema's

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my cat is going to have kittens soon for all of you whom havent hecked the health and nutruition board. And I have been having problems finding names for her kittens..
( Im not as creative as I used to be.. but found to be more picky lol)

Shes a Calico colored kitty,Not exactly calico but some of the colors, shes; Black, brown, yellow, orange, etc ( no white in her fur) and her nose is half black and half beige. ( the first kitty I have ever seen with that kind of nose.. but its cute on her lol)

I think the father is orange and white.. ( the only kitty around my house.. but she could have another boyfriend.. She could have gone across the neighborhood.. )

Please help I need names..

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I always try to name the kids something that goes along with how they are or what they look like (Toes and Tailer do not fit that rule--I can explain if anyone's interested). I've had an orange tiger cat named Penny, a white cat name Crisco, a manx cat called Stubby, a manx called Bunny, a manx called Manxie, a black and white cat called Duffy, and I wanted to name my next orange cat Xanthe.

We also have Jeff (named after the Jefferson County Animal Shelter where we got him). My Mom named the cat she rescued Joy because the kitty actually jumped for Joy when they rescued her. My Dad had a grey cat named Sodium. My Grandma had a cat with speckeled points named Speckie.

I use a baby name book a lot and there are tons of websites out there with Hawaiian names, Arabic names, African names, Northern European names, etc. It's amazing what's out there.

I hope this helps.
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We are big in to music and guitars at my house, so all our cats (except Fred) have music related names. Try naming your babies on a theme of something you love.
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I think it's cool when in a litter, their names all coordinate. (Princess Purr named her kittens Blizzy, Stormy, and Nimbus, since they are all white, which I thought was very neat.)
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thank ya and Granet and marble were found at my dh's work and he works at a tile company and they sell Granet and marble tile of course i am spelling granet wrong
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oh and Neo and Morphues (moemoe) are named after the matrix the only kittens cats I didn't do a them with were lilly, ashton and sherbert.
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We don't really have a theme, We breed cats and most of our cats have a name picked from their "show" name , like seeing as one is "Captivating Tickle Me Elmo" , We call him Elmo and Loonie[toones] and Yogi Bear(he's All Paws Crossed)and L.E May, Sophie, Holly, Sally are just people names, however our dogs have a music theme Jazz & Soul , have a look at pet names on the net and when you find something your kitty suits, name it that ! We have had a name theme ( Jellybean & Pineapple lumps ) and now we have Jaffa..LOL I'm rabbling on and I'm not much help..LOL

Good Luck! .. Sam
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I picked out a few names Do the moderators mind If I post a poll?? I hope not
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