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Chemo & Drug Therapy for Cancer

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Hi: I'm new to this site and I'm looking for any information on intestinal cancer in 15 year old cats and chemo and drug therapy for it. My beloved cat Max was diagnosed with abnormal protein levels in his urine 3 weeks ago (he's been a diabetic for a 1 1/2 years and that is totally under control). After a sonogram in which the Doc discovered a heart murmur and a bone marrow biopsy (negative as far as cancer is concerned), tomorrow my baby boy is going for an endiscopic biopsy. My vet is advising 2 drug therapies since I have caught the cancer so early. They are prednazone and chemo. I'm terrified for my Max and the thought of these medications. Am I avoiding the inevitable by giving him these meds? Is it really worth it considering his 15 and what about his quality of life? Am I postponing what really is going to happen to him? My vet says the meds will give him 6 months more to life, but my problem with this is that chemo is poison and what quality of life is Max going to have for his last few months? Is it really worth it? To add insult to injury I just lost my oldest cat Sam (15 as well) to kidney failure on April 30th. I went to pick up his ashes a week later and 2 days later I find out that my beloved Max has cancer. I have been shell shocked by the thought of loosing this very special cat so soon after loosing my Sam. Max is very special to me and we have a unique relationship but I cannot let him suffer at all. I will not be selfish and try to do all the heroic measures possible to keep him going, but I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with chemo and prednazone for the treatment of cancer. Thanks for any help.
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Dear Shadow,

On you can make that difficult decision. Chemotherapy is not fun, either for cat or person (my daughter went through it). You need to do what is best for Max. You need to weigh the options of whether his life after the treatment will add years to his life and make him the same cat he was before he became ill, or if it is going to cause him pain and only prolong his misery for a couple of months. Is the treatment worth making him sick for six months more time on this earth? It is a very difficult decision to make and only you can make it.

I pray for you and Max and hope you make the right decision. Whatever decision that is, I wish you the best.

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You poor thing. I am sorry to hear you have had all this happen so close together. It is not easy saying goodbye to loved ones. You know, It is going to be hard either way. I am sure if you look into Max's eyes, he may be able to tell you what to do. Please feel free to come and talk about it all you want.
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Thank you so much for the prompt inputs. In my heart of hearts, I know that I cannot put Max on prednazone steryiods nor chemo. If chemo makes humans so ill, I can't even fathom what it does to cats even though my vet says it doesn't affect cats like humans. I treasure Max's life too much to have him suffer in any way. Adding just a few more months to his life is not worth chemo nor steriods. And even if it was years, what quality of life would he have? That is a question that I can't answer nor my vet. I never let my other boy Sam suffer at all with renal failure. Max is my presious boy that has been with me for 15 years and he has been very special to me and I would never want to put him in harms way. When it is time, he will get his kitty angel wings, and I hope that I will be given the opportunity to have him at home for his last hours. That is how Sam went here at home with the vets assistant. As sad and painful as it was, it was truly beautiful and moving. And that is what I'm praying for; that I will be given then chance to have Max for the summer and have him pass away peacefully here at home. His soul is to beautiful and giving that he deserves the best in his golden years. Thank you for your advice it is truly appreciated and has made me feel better that I'm making the right decision.
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