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One more try...

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A while ago, Anne posted a thread about looking for contacts in the East Coast - for the coming trip of the "Cat Welfare Society of Israel" 's director. (The cat's website or Cats Welfare Society of Israel )

What we need is people from:
PA, Mass, Maryland, NY, NJ, Misouri (especially St. Louise area) and all close states I left out.

This is extremely important:
What we want to do, is have people host like a dinner party - mini fund raiser and have Rivi Mayer (the director) come and present the Society (CWSI). this is so extremely important: we are trying to reach out for help from cat lovers (and any animal lover) in the States, since the Society is not doing well at all, and we are out of resources since Israel's economy is so bad (like the rest of world - only worst at times ).

Lots of cat lives depend on what Rivi will manage to raise while she's in the States. These fund-raisers can take place in someone's home, in local community centers, animal shleters that are willing to assist, vets clinic or anyone else that is willing to host this. We need your help to reach as many people as possible. The more people who know us and help us - the more cats we can help...

Please PM or email me (or Anne, of course) if you can assist or know of someone that can. I will be in the States myself from June through August, in Mass, so I am willing to do whatever it takes to help organize as many evenings as possible. So far - no one replied.

Thanks, everyone, for reading this!
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Im bumping it, but I promise: I will eventually take the hint...
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I'm sorry you are not receiving the response you hoped for! I think that this is just a very busy time of year around here, with summer approaching and people traveling for vacations!

I do hope though that someone is able to help out!
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I would help if I could, honestly! With 13 cats, a dinner party would be darn near impossible. Dinner for the 2 of us is enough of a challenge with 13 pairs of pleading eyes and the occasional naughty reaching paw

As far as locating sponsors, what would be involved? I could call our vet and the county SPCA, if that would help. You'd need to tell me what to say though
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Sue & Daniela, thanks for replying!! sometimes even by replying, you're simply giving the good feeling that someone is listening...

Sue, I can see how hosting a dinner party with 13 cats wuold be impossible... But calling your vet and your local SAPCA is such a good idea! exactly the kind of help we need! making the contact, finding cat lovers that can host.

Give me a day to consult with Anne, and I will let you know exactly how to explain this to whomever you talk too. And you can also try friends that love animals, local community centers. Or maybe ask the Vet for contacts. Whatever you come up with. We need some Massive advertising in order to make this work. ITs a challange to us all, and we have only the cats in our minds when asking for people's help...

Thanks again, guys!
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Basically what is happening is this. People are being emailed by me. I am emailing on behalf of Rivi and the cats at the shelter. The emails have gone out to newspapers, and cat merchants, and into Jewish Communities. Here is one of the shorter emails- feel free to take it and use it or change it to fill the needs of who will get it. I also have longer, more involved emails- you can contact me if you are interested in those.


In July of this year, a team of cat lovers will be traveling from Israel to the United Sates. They are from The Cat Welfare Society of Israel and will be attending the Conference on Humane Animal Management Policy in St. Louis, MO

The purpose of their trip is multi-faceted. Their cat shelter has been under attack from hostile neighbors for quite some time. The latest attack was the theft of the only working generator, leaving 500 plus cats without lights, running water and warmth! Workers get pelted with rocks and insults when going into the shelter, and cars are vandalized. It is imperative that they move to a safer location, before something more valuable than a piece of machinery is harmed. Property has been acquired but right now it is just barren land. The estimated cost of building a new shelter will run $100,000. The shelter needs funds, supplies, donors, backers, and prayers. They are also looking to meet with merchants who carry cat products to discuss the possibility of importing the products into their center.

In Israel there are so many ferals and strays that they don’t even hide from people during the day. It is almost impossible to cross a street without a cat rubbing against your legs. Without human intervention, a stray cat will typically live for only eighteen months. The Director of the shelter, Rivi Mayer is trying to change that, and would like to hear from people interested in helping her get these cats off the street to a safer place.

There is a lot of work ahead for this team. My question to you is; would you be interested in learning more about this remarkable woman and running a story about her courageous mission in the Holy Land?

Ok, there is one, I have 3 others. If anyone wants a copy of the other ones- please just email me.

Some of you may be thinking why in the world should you concern yourself with cats in another country? I have seen the pictures of these cats and the horrendous condition they arrive at the shelter in. This is the only shelter available in Israel to help these cats! Here in the United States, when someone wants to help a feral, there are a lot of resources here to do this. Not there, and these cats are in constant peril.

Thank you for your time,
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M.A. Thank you so much!!!!

everyone - please send this email to whomever you can!!!
we need your help!
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I want to bump this, so everyone can see Hissy's letter. Please send this letter to as many contact as possible. You will be helping out the Cats of Israel that way!

Thanks everyone! I hope we can make this work after all! keep your fingers crossed...
If you do get replies, please contact Hissy right away! thanks!!
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I made a copy of Hissy's email she posted. I'm going to give it to my future mil. She is a cat person, and knows other cat people, so maybe one of them would be willing to help.

I also have a friend who worked with a local agency called Organization for Responsible Care of Animals. I'll pass it on to her, too.

I can't promise anything, but I'll do what I can to spread the word.
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I printed Hissy's email as well, and I will forward it to some of the local shelters and veterinarians here.
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Thats absolutely great, Ladies, Thank you so much!!!
Make sure, when you send it out, that they know who to contact back, it they can help out.

Can anyone else send Hissy's letter to people?
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I did!

Seriously though, thank you to any of you to take up this cause. I have been working with this shelter in an unofficial capacity for several months now. Bascially just lending my writing skills in whatever direction it is needed. There is going to be a Cyber Adoption Club on their website very soon- where you can donate monies and in return become a very real part of the progress they are making. I am trying to come up with a name for the club and so far have Ferals in Peril or Dare to Care? Anyone else have any ideas? The club will be only through the Internet, as they already have a local adoption/sponsor program in their immediate area-
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Any luck guys?

Hissy - how about -
"Adoptacat" (you know, read like one word...). I know I know... its laim... let me think some more!
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