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A helpful list

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I've compiled a list of usernames and their corresponding first names from the 'What is your first name?' and 'What does your user name mean?' threads. I thought this would make it easier to know who we all are.

Feel free to reply with your first name and I'll add you to the list.

Also, let me know if I've mis-spelled your name or got it wrong.

55Dali – Dali
adymarie – Ady
AngelzOO – Angel
Big Kat – Sunni Jean
Binkyhoo – Tamara
Cassandra_Starr – Cassie
Coco Maui – Ginger
Crazy-Cat-Lover – Tasha
Deb25 – Deb
DragonLady – Teresa
dtolle - Daniela
gunner19 – Cora
GurlPower – Shirley
harrythecat – Ang
hissy – Mary Anne
Iceangel – Anna
Jcat – Tricia
Jeanie G. - Jeanie
jgaruba – Jenn
jugen - Barb
katl8e –Cindy
Kitty & Casper – Niina
krazy kat2 - Rebecca
Kumbulu – Tania
lau77 – Laura
lauralvscats - Laura
Lhezzza – Lizza
Luv Those Paws – Jamie
malynn – Terri
Mom of 10 Cats – Sue
nunny – Katie
okeefecl – Christy
Princess Purr – Val
Rock&Fluff'smom – Kathy
Russian Blue – Kass
Sal – Sal
Shell – Shell
sherral46 – Sherral
sockiesmom – Jenn
Spooky – Sarah
Tamme – Tamme
TTMom – Ericka
valanhb – Heidi
WellingtonCats – Sam
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Good Job! Thats a great reference tool!
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Thanks, Tania. It would be nice if people put their first names in their signatures, too. With new members joining every day, it really helps us.
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I guess I missed that thread! Mine is Rebecca.
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Tania thanks for doing this- very wonderful of you! How are the kitties doing?
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Great idea Tania.
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Super idea! Good Job looks like everyones details are right
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Have updated the list with Jeanie and Rebecca. Maybe we could make this a sticky and rename it to TCS member names or something like that. I'd be happy to update it when a member replies with their name. Also I thought I'd look around in the posts and gather some more names. I just don't want to 'name' anyone who prefers to use their member name.

MA, the kitties are very well. Little Liquorice will most likely be going to his furrever home this week. Then I'll be getting on and building the new kitty jail for next season. How's that stinky door of yours? Have you been able to get an update on the abandoned kits?
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mine's Marcy, I have it in my sig too
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I'm Brenda, it's also in my sig.
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Thanks Tania! What a good idea!
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Mine Crystal But my Nicknmes Chrissy
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Tania, more updating to do!!!! Mine's Laurie... it's in my siggy too!

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Nice to see everyone's real names!!
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