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For those of you who have been pregnant.....

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Were you nauseated at ALL before you missed your period and knew you were PG?? Any other weird symptons?

We are TTC....just thought I would ask! My period is due next Thursday.

I am sorry if this is WAYY too much info!
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Please excuse my ignorance, but what is TTC?
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Sorry! It is "trying to conceive"!!!

Yikes! You have been busy posting while I have been gone, haven't you?!?!?
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MY first symptom was always the throwing up. It usually started about a week or so, before I missed a period.

Don't know why they call it "morning sickness" - I tossed everything, at all hours.

They say that warm, flat ginger ale helps. If it gets too bad and NOTHING stays down, the doctor can give you Compazine.

Good luck.
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Never having been pregnant, I have nothing useful to add to the conversation, but good luck!
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I actually woke up the next day sick to my stomach. I found room temp. 7up worked as well as saltine crackers for that "sick" feeling.

You will also experience many of the same things as PMS. Tenderness, weepy, tired, hungry, ect.

Keep us up to date on everything. Good Luck!
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Carrie, I found this at :

Morning sickness refers to the nausea and vomiting that some women have when they become pregnant. It is caused by the sudden increase in hormones during pregnancy. Although morning sickness is more common in the morning, it can last all day for some women.

How long will morning sickness last?
Morning sickness is very common early in a pregnancy (usually beginning around the 6th week). It tends to go away later in pregnancy, and it's almost always gone by the second trimester (the fourth month). But there isn't a set time for it to stop because each woman is different, and each pregnancy is different.

Will morning sickness hurt my baby?
It shouldn't. Morning sickness can become more of a problem if you can't keep any foods or fluids down and begin to lose a lot of weight. Many doctors think morning sickness is a good sign because it means the afterbirth (the placenta and fetal membranes) is developing well.

Tips to relieve morning sickness
The tips below may help reduce morning sickness.

Eat small meals throughout the day so that you're never too full or too hungry.
Avoid rich, fatty foods.
Avoid foods with smells that bother you.
Eat more carbohydrates (plain baked potato, white rice, dry toast).
Eat saltine crackers and other bland foods when you feel nauseous.
Try gelatin desserts (Jell-O), flavored frozen desserts (popsicles), chicken broths, ginger ale (nondiet), sugared decaffeinated or herbal teas, and pretzels.
The iron in prenatal vitamins can bother some women. If you think your morning sickness is related to your vitamins, talk with your doctor and he or she may change your vitamins.
Wearing "acupressure" wrist bands, which are sometimes used by passengers on boats to prevent sea sickness, may help some women who have morning sickness. You can buy the bands at boating stores or travel agencies.
If these tips don't give you relief from morning sickness, your doctor may have other ideas. Keep in mind that morning sickness doesn't mean your baby is sick.

Good luck with TTC!
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I had a sister-in-law that swore by sucking or smelling fresh lemon slices. I've heard that it helps a lot of people.

Good luck! We're TTC too and I love hearing about others getting pregnant.
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The lemon slices are true....I was severely sick with Sam, my first baby..I lost 12 lbs with him because I could not keep anything down..not even a cup of water..didn't matter what it was I ate or drank...I managed to live off of sour or salty stuff througout this entire pregnancy since it is all I could tolerate....But....some women go through the entire pregnancy with no nausea or vommitting at all..they are the lucky ones...Let us know what happens!!! I am excited for you!!!
With Amber and Elizabeth, I was more just nauseaus for the first 4 months, but it passed,, and my appetite grew and grew and grew...
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Hey! Thanks for the tips! And...I am going to check out that website, too.

It is weird because AF isn't due until next week so we DON'T know yet....but it is like I will feel "BLAH" and then a few minutes later I am fine. It never stays for very long and it really started today. Maybe something I ate?
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are you keeping track of when you ovulate and all that? when it is time to concieve?? (sorry if this was too detailed yall!) Just thought I would ask....
alot of times you don't notice anything for a couple months, but you will soon if you are!!!
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This is our first month actually, I haven't done the charting thing yet (as far as temps go), but I have estimated the ovulation time based on calculations made on some website. It is kind of difficult to take that as God, because I just stopped taking the pill in April. SOOO..between April and May, my cycle was 26 days. Who could be 28 days this month...provided my period shows this time!
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I just wanted to add this link here...I use to go here all the time when Elizabeth was a baby, but you will have to register and get a sign in name first...It has so many things to talk about there...
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Well Carrie dear...I just asked the other day if anyone had heard from you. Now I know why you've been gone!

Good luck and wish you the best!
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Yeah...I've been pretty much doing a lot of research online on pg stuff! I have got the baby fever SOO SOO BADLY!!!!!
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I use the calendar on has both free and charter memberships. I've also used the inexpensive ovulation kits from Wal-Mart ($18 for 7 or $11 for 5). I found that my breasts are very tender when I ovulate. Hopefully you'll only need the website info from this post.

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I'm a mother of two.

My first symptoms w/ both pregnancies were EXTREME fatigue, like I would have to take a nap during the day to make it thru. Also, breast tenderness, and a 'crampy' sort of feeling. Not the kind like when you are getting your period, but just a very light version. I had all these symptoms within 2 weeks of conceiving and they continued right thru the first trimester both times.

Good luck, and Congrats if you are!!!!!!!!!
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Carrie, I have only had one pregnancy and that was years ago, but I still remember some things. I started suspecting I was pregnant before I had missed any periods. The first system I noticed was a slight queasy feeling every day that would be relieved if I ate some soda crackers. A couple of other early symptoms were breast tenderness and a general feeling that there were some changes taking place in my body. My doctor confirmed my pregnancy when I was 6 weeks along.

Please update us and let us know what you find out.
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Congratulations Carrie!!! This is so exciting that you have started to try!!! It seem such a short time since you were wondering whether it was the right time to start trying!

I "knew" I was pregnant before I missed my period. I was extremely sentimental - crying over love songs and such (The Notting Hill CD was just making me really cry - all those sweet songs... )
I also had those cramps Daniella diescribed, and the "BLAH" feeling you describe sounds like the beginning of my morning sickness (which turned out to be "all-day-long-sickness" for 4 months, yuck. It came especially after I ate, sometimes out of the blue, a sudden sick feeling, that then went away, and I was fine (I wish it would have just stuck to that pattern...).
I took a pregnancy test the day before my period should have started and it was very clearly positive .
It was the first month that we tried as well, it must be very upsetting having to wait for a long time after you start trying, it must be on the mind on and off all the time.

Good luck!!!!!!
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I have been trying for 4 years now and nothing yet. I do the charting thing and my docter says that you should be "trying" every other day from day 10 of your cycle until day 20. You ovulate when your temp dips, the jumps the next day. Sperm can survive for up to 5 days, but the egg only lives for up to 2 days.

Last cycle I had the nausea, but I wasn't pregnant - I figure it was psychosymatic (sp).

Good luck! And if it doesn't work this month, start charting, but get yourself a body basal thermeter.
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A friend of mine had been trying for several years and still nothing. Her gyn never referred her to a fertility specialist or anything. When she finally took it upon herself to go, she found that she had a really rare situation that will probably at this point prevent her from ever getting pregnant. If she had sought help earlier, perhaps something could have been done.
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I did have the nauseated feeling Saturday for like the first time. I came on..and then after a few minutes..BAM! It was gone. This was all day, but then yesterday..nothing. Today..nothing. SOOO..I am wondering if it is a reaction to the prenatal vitamins or something I ate....don't know! I hate waiting, but Thursday/Friday-ish..we should know!
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Good luck Carrie

Deb - I do have Polysystic Ovary Syndrome and possible scarring of my fallopian tubes. I go for test on the shortly. I see my doctor Thursday to arrange those tests (they are supposed to be painful!).
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Ady dear, I really wish you the best! I know how badly you've been wanting this and I truly hope that through all the hassle of the doctors & etc, you'll finally get your wish! Sending positive thoughts & many prayers your way.

Oh..You too Carrie and Ericka!
BTW, Carrie when do you take your vitamins? A lot of people take them in the morning when they get up, but since they are stronger they tend to upset your tummy more. Try taking them at night before you go to bed and don't drink any milk products for at least an hour before or an hour after you take them. Dairy products will make the iron in the vitamin "stick" to the dairy product and will not get absorbed. Just thought I'd let you know in case if you didn't!
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Nope..I did not know that!! The instructions, though, do say to take without food...empty stomach sort of thing. However, when I had my first 15 days of it, I had samples and I just took them when I I don't know if it is pg things going on or prenatals going on.

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Depending upon the vitamins, sometimes a saltine will help with them too. I only get sick on massive quantities of B vitamins so the pre-natals haven't affected me yet. (Been taking them for 4 years now--best prepping I've ever done!)

My Mom also only gets sick on B vitamins with yeast so if your pre-natals have yeast in them, try a different formula.
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Carrie, where are you??? What is the answer to the "next thursday question"????

Sorry if I´m too excited about something that´s not my business!
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I can't remember....are you pregnant???
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Ahhh...looks like Aunt FLO is starting to rear her head. UGH. Guess I will have to wait another month to find out again!
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