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I was rearranging today, and the "kids" had to help.

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Thanks for sharing.

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Too cute!
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do they help you do other stuff too? they look very thorough

They are sweet!!
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Cute kitties! I love it when they 'help'. It only takes maybe twice as long and sometimes I don't ever get whatever it was I was doing finished!
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Well, my cats go creazy about plastic bags! Love to sit there.
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So cute! Cats also like those postal bins. Toes would get mad at me everytime I'd take the darned things back to the post office.
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How cute!!!
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Cute!! You have some very helpful "kids."
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What great little helpers! Bet you got everything done in half the time with their help.
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What spunky little munkeys! .. !!!!!!!
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They are like "get outta MY BOX". My kittys go crazy for boxes, big boxes I cut a hole in them and then it's like a new play house.......even w/hundreds of $$$$$$$$ of toys.
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Hey, we had some of those cats-in-the-box last week too, when we bought a new lawnmower!

We ended up moving the empty box into the attic rather than putting it out for trash, because we couldn't handle the sad eyes we were getting when we tried to take it away.
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LOL! What cat doesn't love a box? Brenda - did you get them to SORT all the pictures for you?
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Laurie, they like to work more as supervisors. They watch me to make sure I'm doing everything right. They wouldn't dirty their paws with actual work.

Sue, that is too funny! I left a box in my dining room for a few weeks because Molly liked to sleep in it. Eventually I took it to store some stuff in. No, I'm not owned, not me.
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