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The little kitten has gone home

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Yesterday I was talking to some neighborhood kids and they told me they knew the people who were missing the kitten. So I went over to the house and asked them if they were missing a kitten and the lady says "kinda." How can you "kinda" be missing a kitten!!!!!????? Apparently they didn't want the kitten anymore so when she ran off then never tried to find her. She asked me if I would like to keep her. I told her I'd be happy to keep her but if she wants her back she has until tomorrow to get her. I told her this because I also told her I had an appointment for her to have shots and be spayed next week. I was afraid she would try to take her back after the kitten had all this done. I also told her I treated her for fleas and raw paw pads. This poor kitten hasn't ever been to the vets or gotten shots, she had not intention of taking her either. Well she came by my house last night when I wasn't home and took the kitten from my babysitter I am mad because I know she doesn't want this kitten!! To top it off she was rude to my babysitter and my heartbroken kids. The kids were trying to tell her cute stories about the kitten and she just keep saying her name is "mist" not "laurie." No thank you for finding her or caring for her or anything. I wish I could do something for this poor kitten. I wish she would have come over when I was home. I wish I just walked away when she said she was kinda missing her kitten!!!!
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I bet she comes back if she gets a chance!
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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, she will probably come back if she gets a chance to, if she has been outside before and knows her way around.
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Awww Cora, I'm sorry. What a bummer. It sound almost as if she was waiting for you to leave before she came over. I guess the best thing you can do is keep an eye on the kitten from afar and then take action if she seems to be being harmed or neglected.
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Aww, I'm sorry. I hope the kitten comes back to you! It doesn't sound like this lady is a very good owner!
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Wish your kitty will come back!
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Keep an eye out, the kitten may come back.

As kids my sister and I stole a Siamese kitten from a family where the kids were abusing it. The mother came over to our house and complained to our Mom, but our Mom had seen the kids abusing the kitten and lectured that woman. That family never got another pet as long as they lived behind us.
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Darn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And I really wanted her for you or me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The poor thing! She will be running right to you if she get's a chance!
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She'll come back, I guarantee it, and when she does, run that poor girl to the vet and get her spayed. This woman sounds like the most irresponsible pet owner around! I am sorry she took her back.
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I'm betting she comes back to you too. What kitty wouldn't want to be in a home where someone is actually caring for them? It makes no sense to me why she'd come take the kitty when you both know she doesn't want her. I hope she comes back soon!
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When the kitten comes back make sure to have her microchipped when she is spayed. This way you can prove it is your kitty.
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Ooohh... good thinking Teresa!
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This made me cry! , I hope she comes back too you!, You deserve LAURIE that err um [female dog] doesn't !!!!!!

Sam, xx
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Thank you all for your advice and giving me a shoulder to cry on. I have been keeping my eyes open for her. Next time she wonders over here I will be taking all your advice and going strait to the vet to spay and microchip her! Poor "Laurie" deserves a better home!
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I think I know the perfect home for her! *nudge* *nudge* Hurry up and get on home, Laurie, your mommy is waiting for you!
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Oh I am so so so so so sorry to hear this!!!! (I hate it when I open old wounds!!!!!) What a terrible thing for that woman to do!!! I'm so sorry the babysitter was home when this happened.

I don't know where you live, but here in NJ even neglect is at least a misdemeanor. If you want that kitten back, contact the SPCA, they may have enforcement rights in your community. They do here.

I agree with Teresa - if Laurie comes back to you, get that cat microchipped!!!

(What a great name for YOUR kitty, BTW. I'm sure she'll be coming back to you - unless those people are abusing her and she can't get out. I'm sending up prayers for her!!!!!!!)

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Actually, Laurie (LDG) is right and neglect almost always falls under the animal abuse statute of every state. As one of my research projects for Stray Pet Advocacy, I am researching the animal abuse laws for every state, and at least up through Oregon providing adequate food, water, shelter and vet care is REQUIRED. Now, many places don't enforce it well, especially for cats, but you could try if you think she is in danger.

Email or PM me if you want more information on your state's law.
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