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We called Cfa Today

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Cfa said to send a certified copy of her pedigree which I have and a copy of the proof of ownership.
They also said to send a check for $40.
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Good - then things are all settled

Will be getting Jack's paperwork, registration this week and sending it all in to ACFA to register.
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Can you post pics from when you show Jack?
What do judges look for when you show a cat?
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Yeah, we will take a few at his first show. The judge (with purebred) look for the cat that fits the standard the closest. They have a written standard of points, etc. and compare that to your cat.

The ones that fit the closest are the ones that are in the finals. But it still kinda comes down to personal preference in the end. We know there are some judges that just don't like certain breeds and they will not put one up if they have the choice.
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I hope Cleo acts right.
What do I need to teach her?
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Teach her to accept being stretched out in the air and on the table (standing on 2 back feet and stretched). Then have her sit in front of you - facing away and hold her head still to look at profile, muzzle, etc.

Then one hand hold her on the table, the other tease her with a toy.
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I will do that.
I can stand her up and stretch her.
She can not be shown in kittens.
They said she will be to old for that show.
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What is the date of the show and what is the date of her birthday?
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Good - so start entering that bald baby in some shows!
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The show is April 5/6.
Her birthday is Aug 6th.
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She would be a kitten on Saturday and an adult on Sunday. Maybe give CFA a call again on that and see what would happen.

If it was an ACFA or TICA show then you could split the classes (Kitten on Saturday and Open Alter on Sunday) - but I'm not sure how CFA considers this. Ask Abymummy about it - she may know.
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I will have to ask her.
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# Kitten: The KITTEN CLASS is for any kitten, male or female, altered or unaltered, not less than 4 months but under 8 calendar months old on the opening day of the show, which, if an adult, would be eligible to compete in a Championship/Premiership Class

So technically she IS a kitten on the first day of the show.

I posted this question to the Ocicat list and see what they say regarding which class.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
What do judges look for when you show a cat?
They check your cat against the Standard of Points (SOP) for the breed, a copy of which should be on the registry website along with the maximum number of points that can be awarded for any one feature. Make sure to check with the correct registry because the SOP can vary between registries, for example the Cornish Rex SOP is slightly different in TICA than in GCCF - if there is a similar situation with the sphynx I am not aware of it. But this is not an objective thing - certainly with Orientals and Siamese (the breed I am most familiar with) different judges will have different preferences - some like a more extreme look whereas others like a more classic look.

If you have a bad day with one judge and a good day with another, then remember who judged on those days and try to book in for future shows where the more favourable judge is judging your classes! Each judge has their preferences.

The other thing they look for is temperament - no judge will want to handle a spitting hissing frightened cat, as your cat is young that is unlikely, but if it becomes distressed it is IMO better to withdraw from the show and take her home where she feels safe. The other side of the coin is that if there are 2 cats of equal quality being judged, the one that sucks up to the judge most has a better chance (we're all human!) so a good personality and temperament can count for a lot on the day!
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Thank You,
So far she seems to be friendly to everyone.
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