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I need a bit of advice about Luna . . .

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OK, so those of you who have read my thread about Luna getting spayed know she's didn't get spayed after all, yesterday. The breeder said she had a clear runny nose, so they rescheduled two weeks from now. I was supposed to bring her home next Friday, a week after her surgery, so she could heal at the breeder's house. She is almost 12 weeks old now, and now she will be about 15 weeks old when I can finally bring her home.

So, I had the idea this morning, since I was so excited to bring her home (plus I want her to start getting used to her new home at as young an age as possible), what if I asked the breeder if I could take her home now? She is 12 weeks old, after all. And then I could bring her to the vet myself in two weeks? I used to work at a vet, so I know quite a bit about caring for a pet post-surgery, so it should be fine for me to care for her after she is spayed.

The only problem is, the breeder is supposed to pay for the spay. (It's included in the price I pay the breeder for Luna.) So, should I try to get her to meet me at the vet? Or just see about paying that much less up front to the breeder, and paying the vet directly myself?

I am not even sure if I would want to ask the breeder, but I can't wait to bring her home. I just thought I'd run it by y'all, to see what you think. Any advice, anyone? Thanks in advance!!
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Viva, bringing her home now sounds like a good idea. That way, she'll be getting used to her new home while her runny nose clears up and she'll already be used to her new home on returning from her spay.

With the breeder being supposed to pay for the spay, I think asking if you can pay for it, and pay her less up front, is a good idea. Be aware that she may get 'breeder rates' from the vet so you might have to pay a bit more than she would, for the spay.

I think it's better that Luna gets to know you now before her spay. You can spend two lovely weeks together and you'll be able to care for and comfort her after the surgery. Let the breeder know that you know how to look after post-op cats (from your previous job) and I think she'd be fine with that.

Let us know how it goes. Oh, and lots of pics please!
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Run it by her and see what she says. The worst she can say is "no".
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OK, well, I emailed the breeder to ask about it . . . waiting for a reply now . . .
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I hope she allows you to do this...I don't see why she would say no, but ya never know....thinking ++++++ Let us know!
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My thought on this is a bit different. The change to a new home is tramautic for a kitty. As is the trip to the vet and surgery. I would wait until after the spay, because then once you have her home, you aren't taking her back to the vet for anything unpleasant. Once she is with you, she is home for good.

But of course that is just my opinion, not based on anything but a general feeling about things.
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I think taking her home when she's sick is probably Not the best idea, wait until she's better and spayed and then you can enjoy a happy, healthy Viva! , I ,of course breed cats and if one was sick, wouldn't let it go under no circumstances .. Sorry..
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I also should add "Good Luck" with whatever decision that you choose .. mate!
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Sam -- I would only want to take her home if she wasn't sick. I did ask the breeder if she is sick in the e-mail I sent her. We weren't sure yesterday if she was -- her nose was a little runny, but it was clear, and she didn't have a raised temp. at the vet. So, it is possible that her nose just got a little irritated or she sniffed a bit of dust or something.
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Awww OK Than Viva! if it's clear she'll be right! ( as we like to say "downunder" and across the ditch in Kiwi-Land , I hope you can get her soon ... GoodLuck!
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Yeah! The breeder said Luna is fine, and the surgery is prepaid, so it should be fine to bring her home ASAP!!!!!! Yippeee!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!
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Yay!!! I'm so happy for you Viva! Make sure you give us updates on her, and post pictures too!
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Don't worry; I will!!!
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Woo Hoo Viva! Give her scritches from me!
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She's home! And I will!
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