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Kitty Illness

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My furbaby is sick, and I am nervous. Money is so tight right now so I don't know when I will be able to afford to take her to the vet. Taking Isis to the vet was an unexpected visit, and I am a little besides myself.

Since yesterday Niko has thrown up five times. All five has been cat food. It was three times yesterday and twice today to be exact. She seems fine, and if I didn't see her do it once I wouldn't know which one was sick. My roommate is unconcerned, Niko has thrown up in the past but its been once in a blue moon and the vet said she was ok. He says he believes that it is because her dish hadn't been properly cleaned. I am kinda wondering if she hasn't been gorging herself on kitten food. My roommate keeps Isis's food out with the others and Niko will just eat all of it at once if she isn't caught. (I can't convince him to keep it in his room.) She seems to love kitten food. Maybe it is just the brand, thinking about switching over to it.Poor Niko... :-(
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She could be eating too fast causingg a tummy upset. Try feeding multiple times a day with a small amount at a time. Are you giving your kitty anything for hairballs? Try a furball treatment as this may help as well. Make sure to feed your kitty seperate from the other kittys. Good luck and I hope this helps Niko.
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Take a telephone book, set it on the floor and put Niko's bowl on top of it. Feed her like that with an elevated bowl and see if that stops her vomiting. But that is a lot of vomiting on a cat, and she could be severely dehydrated. You need to check to see if she is:

Take the scruff of her neck gently and raise up, pinch, hold release. It should flatten down in under 2 seconds, if it stays up get her to the vet quickly! Most vets are good about payment plans, or post-dated checks. Offer to mow lawns or do something around the clinic or the vet's home. I have even delivered home-cooked meals to my vet in exchange for a vet visit that was an emergency. Good luck!
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I put the kitten food away, gave her small portions of her own food, raised her food, and also saw if she was dehydrated - and luckily she hasn't thrown up again today! whee!

She is in good spirits, and actually much more playful then she has been since Isis has arrived in our home. I am just hoping that all three cats stay happy and healthy until after June 18th. Then I can handle anything.
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Is she still dehydrated? Dehydration can cause serious complications in cats, if she is still dehydrated you need to get her to a vet.
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No, I did what you said about checking for dehydration and her skin went back in place instantly. For some reason placing the kitten food out of sight really has calmed her down. I don't get it, but when we moved Isis's bowl out with Mischief's and Niko's bowls Niko really got upset. That's when she started gouging down on the kitten food. She began eating more and more of it when we starting moving her back to her bowl. She would just sit by the kitten bowl and wait until we left the room. She wouldn't let anyone pet her, she was really sullen, and she just stay away from everyone. My new roommate thought it had something to do with him, and I think he kinda felt bad that Niko just hadn't warmed up to him.

But since putting Isis's bowl in her owner's room Niko hasn't thrown up, she has started playing with Mischief again, and she has been laying on my lap again. She's so cute. (Poor kitty doesn't realize she's almost too big for my lap.)

I think I am going to keep the cats' bowls raised though. Mischief seems to be eating more frequently since raising them, and Mischief needs to eat more. She could use the extra pound.
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