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not drinking

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Tigger went to the vet on tuesday and they found out she was dehydrated & has a urinary tract infection. they kept her overnight & also gave her IV fluids, and ran bloodwork and x-rays. the bloodwork came back fine, and so did the x-rays.
We brought her home yesterday morning and she still has not drank any water. I noticed yesterday, that her elbow area on her front leg was sagging, and the vet told me it was from the iv fluids. Today, it went down. She was given Clavamox for 14 days & today I picked up some pain meds for her also. to get some water in her, I fed her a bit of canned food. Anyways, I am calling them tomorrow, as I was advised by one of the techs this afternoon.
ANy suggestions on why she is not drinking? Is it possible they gave her enough where she is not thristy?
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No, she is probably just to sick to drink. Is she eating? If so, give her canned food (that will give her some water) Buy a bottle of Pedialyte and add it to her food, not a lot of it, but enough to make the food mushy. As she eats, she will lap up the water too. If she plays with running water, leave it running just a little bit in the sink- drop a waterproof toy in the sink and see if she chases it (if she isn't feeling punky) that might encourage her to dip her paws into the water, then she will lick her paws and get more water.
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Last year my cat had a similar problem. I didn't have any idea she was sick; just took her to the vet because I noticed she wasn't drinking, also not peeing. The first vet wasn't concerned so the next day I took her to a cat only vet. At first he wasn't concerned either since she wasn't dehydrated. But when he took temperature it was 104.6 so they he was concerned. Gave her an injection of Chlormycetin and sxent home with Clavimox for 14 days. She didn't improve as rapidly as expected so wound up doing urine culture to injusre we we using the proper antibiotyicv. After the culture results added Flagyl liqud.
Her temperature came down in a couple of days but she still didn't want to drink. I gave her 4 oz of water every day for about 10 days, (That wasn't fun for either one of us). Finally when her temperature had been down for a week I stopped giving her water so maybe she would get thirsty. She finally did start drinking. She still doesn't drink a lot even though she takes only dry food.
Haven't found any way to get her to drink more. Even got her a FreshFlow fountain but she won't even look at that.
Hope your kitty is soon well. The cat vet said he'd never seen a cat not drink as a symptom of urinary tract infection; said I should be aware that for her not drinking seems to be a sign she isn't feeling well

Hope your kitty does well & is soon drinking & eating normally.
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I just had similar problem with my cat Tiki. She won't eat or drink no matter what we do. She seemed hungry and ran to the bowls but after smelling it, she just licks the lip and walks away. The vet told me that when cat licks the lip after smelling the food - it's a sign of feeling nauseous. It can be caused by a virus. We just got a kitten from a shelter a few days ago - so he thinks that the kitten may brought something home.

Aside from the anti-biotic pills and anti-nauseous injection the vet gave her, to get her to drink, I bought a bottle of clear Pedialyte. Everyday I pour at least 50 cc of it and mix with 2-3 table spoonful of chicken broth I cooked from a few chicken breasts. I used a baby medicine dropper to feed her. If you try to insert the dropper to the side of cat's mouth - it's actually pretty easy to get some in their mouth. I was able to get lots of Pedialyte - which is great for dehydration, into my kitty that way very easily. Try to make her drink herself while she is feeling queezy - forget it.
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