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Did anyone else get 400ft of snow?

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Ok, maybe, just maybe, Im exaggerating a little bit. But there's a good two feet out there, and it had been almost starting to feel like spring!
I know my car is out there somewhere...

Getting the door open today was a real challenge

Waahh! I want to start seeing spring bulbs coming up, warm weather, lower heating and electricity bills, hiking!!
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We didn't get that much in one drop. Mind you if hubby hadn't shoveled over the course of the weekend, there would have been that much on the driveway.

It started on Friday, and stopped this morning.

I am soooooo sick of winter. Of course, that thaw we had a few weeks back didn't help things. Hopes were high when it all thawed, now its back. Grrrrr.

I'm looking forward to walks and gardening, etc.
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huh???are you serious?? that is absolutley crazy!
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I know just how you guys feel. This winter has been so brutely cold and it has gone on for far too long. And I'm so sick of putting up with "an artic air mass has settled over the area" that I could scream. All of our snow was all gone except for some small patches, and it was starting to feel really spring-like here too. Then we had to go and get more snow, and that horrible artic air came back too. YUCK!!!! It's getting too late in the season for such cold weather.
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We luckily only got about 4-5 inches. They forecasted it to be this huge nor'easter, and I thought we would get massive amounts here too. Thankfully we didn't. I think it stopped about midnight to 1 a.m for us, which gave them a good amount of time to get the roads clear for the morning commute.

Have fun with all that snow!
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Sweet, an excuse to not go into work. During the Valentine's Day storm of 2007, I actually had to drive in that. Papa John's was the ONLY pizza place open. I had a 1996 Ford Probe GT with half bald tires and only got stuck once( in a neighborhood five minutes from the shop). I saw people with SUVs getting stuck. I ended up with over 700 dollars from 3 days of work. I fortunately had that wednesday off as well as friday morning( the roads were pretty much clear by Friday night).
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