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losing a friend

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I am a new memeber and was looking for somewhere to express myself
I buried a friend tonight. His name was axl and he came into my life 12 years ago. A beautiful black and white long haired mixed breed that I found in a pet store window. He had lovely long hair and pink ears and a pink nose. He has been ill for 7 months with dietbetes and tonight he went to meet his maker as a brave soldier with out a blink
My heart cries for him but I know that he is in a better place. I am a new member and needed a place to talk about him without being ridiculed. He had four companion cats who will miss him also.
It is so hard to get so attached and to lose them. I only hope that I can be so brave when my time comes.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Axl. You are here among friends and can post all you want. We're hear to listen. Hang in there!

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I am so sorry to hear of your loss. my heart goes out to you, and you will be in my thoughts & prayers.
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One thing that brings us all together is sharing the grief that you are experiencing now. We have all been there and we understand what you are going through. Here is a hug ((((((()))))))) stay strong and post all you want.
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I don't know how to thank all of the nice people for responding. I am a stranger who you are reaching out to and I thank you.
my friends and relatives are not cat people and they don't understand and it seems so strange to have people I don't know understand what I am feeling.
Thank you for not making me feel uncomfortable about my feelings.
Axl was a scary cat and most didn't get to know him.
But tonight the receptionist and the aides at the vets all gave him a hug and a kiss goodbye and they even hugged me.
I know that others understand how much you can love a animal that it hurts so bad to say goodbye
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aeolus, sorry to hear about your loss. Another place many people go it www.rainbowbridge.com

This is a great site and I hope you visit often!
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Axl sounds like he was a great kitty friend - and family member. You posted a wonderful tribute to him - and your commitment to him says a lot about you as a person. May you find comfort and strength here. There are wonderful people here on this site. Axl is no longer suffering - but don't hurry your grief along. Let your feelings find their own path. You will find understanding and compassion here with you NEW FRIENDS!

For Axl - :angel2:
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I am so sorry to hear about Axel....12 years is such a very long time to love him, and how hard it must have been to say goodbye. I know I have only had my Merlin for 9 months, and if anything were to happen to him, I would bawl my eyes out. I am so sorry for your loss, and wish there was some way I could take the pain away.
You were right to come here...I wonder how you found us, I am SO glad you did...noone here would EVER ridicule you for your feelings...we aren't like that. We may not know you...but we feel your pain, and your love for your cat...and we will try to ease that pain, if at all possible. You have friends here. Always. My prayers are with you.
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You are at a wonderful place to express your love and loss for axl
I hope you stay here awhile and get to know everyone.

Keep your chin up, you are in my thoughts.
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Thank you to all the wonderful people who I have heard from. In response to how I found you I did a search on copernic.
I have had pets all of my life. I sometimes like tonight wonder why I let myself get so attached.
When I look back at all of the enjoyment my pets have brought me I know that the good outways the bad.
I look at my other four cats and can't imagine going through this again but I know that I will and that it is worth it.
thanks again for all of the wonderful thoughts of encouragement.
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I am sorry for your loss tonight. I will light a candle for Axel.It is so hard to say goodbye to our babies. Please feel free to come here and vent.
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I came across this poem I hope it brings you some comfort...I don't know who wrote this but I wanted to pass it on to you..
Again sorry to hear of your loss...

My Forever Friend

I know that it must be different,
now that I am no longer here.
I realize how much I was loved and how all of you did care.
I know it will be hard at first when you look around for me,
expecting to find me in my bed or beside my favorite tree.
Someday you will begin to see,
although it'll take some time,
the happy times you shared with me,
the memories are yours and mine.
I'll remember you, my family,
and how much you meant to me.
So please don't grieve and don't be sad,
it was just my time to leave.

Author unknown....
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Please accept my condolances as I know what you are going through as I recently lost my baby. I will go light a candle for his safe journey across the Bridge. He has been met by lots of friends and is no longer suffering. You will always have very special memories of him. As for you, welcome to our family.

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Dearest Aeolus7 :angel2:

I can remember the first time I came here myself...that seemed so long ago. My Kadaffi was dying and there wasn't anything I could do...he'd been my loyal friend for 18 years...now what? How could I help him...I posted my first message and not soon after that I had over 10 replies in minutes! The love here is so rich and we all nurture it as well as respect it. Never fear for asking for anything...we'll always be here. It's not a coincidence that we find each other...we have to...because we do understand and it's the way we are drawn to each other...these forces that are so unexplainable but yet we never question them. I had posted this on one other occassion and it seemed to help somewhat...

For those that do not understand...an explanation is impossible...but
for those that do....an explanation isn't necessary.

My love and prayers are sent to you and Axl :angel2: May the Lord bring you peace in knowing that he has found his way home. This is a wonderful place to visit...I also gave you my Kadaffi's website that you may visit there if you'd like...keep posting and let us know how you are...
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Grief is a normal part of life when we lose someone who has made our lives happy.

Axl deserves every bit of that after being a loyal friend for 12 years.

I share your sadness and hope you will become part of our family.

Your experiences will help the next person who has to deal with this loss.
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I grieve for you, but not for Axl as he is at peace. Having lost beloved feline friends too, as we all have, I appreciate what you are now experiencing.

Be strong in the love you two shared! Know that such love is eternal — so you are never apart in spirit, only in body. But, of course, that knowledge is little comfort so soon after a life-long friend has departed.

That he went bravely, like a soldier, reminds me so much of my dear friend Ricky Bryan. He and I both knew he was dying, yet I was destitute and could not afford veterinary care; neither could I interest the cat-rescue organization in helping us.

So, one day, he asked to be let outside — out into the fresh air and the woods he'd loved so much before he came to live with us. He wished to die with dignity, privately, the way his heart told him to.

From Underwoods
By Robert Louis Stevenson

Under the wide and starry sky
Dig the grave and let me lie.
Glad did I live and gladly die,
And I laid me down with a will.

This be the verse you grave for me;
Here he lies where he longed to be,
Home is the sailor, home from sea,
And the hunter home from the hill.

And so has Axl gone away, but one day you shall be with him again; and he will thank you for having loved him so.

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It seems, as of late, that so many are losing their feline babies. I am so sorry to hear about losing your baby. After so many years, I know how disheartening that it can be. But, I am certain that Axl is in a better place where there is no pain or suffering and, one day, you will meet again! My deepest condolances.
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Mr. Cat,

That was beautiful. It made me cry.

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Your sorrow belongs to all of us as we all know how it hurts to lose our babies, whether they are kittens, a year old, or twelve, like your Axl. He was your friend and a part of your life for twelve years (longer than most marriages last) and you have a right to grieve and miss him. Here on this site we all support that right to grieve and we share the sadness with you. But remember to share good things with us too, as in time, another little face will steal your heart and come home with you. Welcome to the site.
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Aeolus7....now that you have found us, I hope you will stay and get to know us all better.
And as I said previously, I am really sorry for your loss.
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