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Cat Toys

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I have a slight problem. I have tried a variety of the fishing pole type toy with my kitties, but every single one breaks after a maximum to two days. I had this one that they just literally loved to death. It attached to the sliding glass door, had a rubber like string attached to a plastic pole which had a mouse that they could bat around. If they grabbed it and let go it would bounce away from them.

Within eight hours they snapped the string and pole. I tried a heavier dutier plastic, no bouncing, fishing variety and they broke that in two days. I need something a little more stronger! Something that can last their very active playing. Any suggestions?
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We had one of those you attach to the door with the long elastic--on the one I had the elastic was really strong and the problem with that is that my Mom came home to her cat tangled in the elastic and struggling to breathe. They hadn't even thought she could stretch the elastic out far enough to get into trouble like that so they take down the toy whenever they leave the house.

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We just use one of our own fishing poles and tie a toy to the end of it. The cat-fishing poles don't have the stability of a regular pole, and you can pick up an old fishing pole at garage sales or pawn shops for relatively cheap. When not in use, we just park it in our closet, and it is quite funny but everytime the closet door is opened, the cats come running thinking it is time to play. One of the advantages to using a *real* fishing pole, is you get to cast out great distances, and it is funny to see the cats scatter after the prey.
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That's a great idea!
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Cool idea MA! *digging around in garage for old fishing rod*
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That's a neat idea! I'll make sure I try that!
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Very good idea! Think I'll use it too!
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Well I tried the cat toy ones and they always broke. So I thought why buy imitation when you can use the real thing? So I broke out my old pole that caught this 169 pound halibut when we were in Alaska. I figured if this monster didn't break the pole, no cat could!
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Great cat toy ideas, I give my kitties rolled up bits of paper, coke bottle lids, milk rings, laser lights
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That halibut is a monster!!! If your cats break that pole...I'd be very afraid.

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Just a caution on milk jug rings, some cats chew them up, and sometimes the rings they pass, and sometimes the plastic wrecks havoc with a kittie's systems. I used to give mine the rings all the time, but after a $380.00 vet bill for doing just that- I no longer do. They get the caps instead, and like them just as much.

Hey Tamme, I have to agree, if my cats break my halibut pole- I would be afraid too!
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I put 1 feather stick that is really flexable in the entertainment center cabinet and close the door. It stays put!!!!!! The only thing sometimes I come home to stuff on the floor----probably from kitty flips
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