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I had so much fun tonight!

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I had a blast tonight and I didn't even go out partying! My cousin's from Colorado got into town tonight and I spent the last 4 hours playing with a one year old. Orianna is just the cutest lil' brat I've ever seen! She is at the age where she's got her own personality and is getting more independent. She's a smart little cookie too! I was trying to get to say words and she' repeat ANYTHING I said. Of course, you couldn't understand most of it but she's attempting.

I just had to share this tonight. I don't get to see her very often and won't be able to see her much in the next couple of years. Her Daddy is in the Army and they are stationed in Germany. The whole family has been there since the beginning of the war and they'll have to stay for at least 2 years (possibly 3 years). So, when they come home, I take full advantage of spoiling her rotten! I even get to baby sit for a couple of hours tomorrow. I'm so excited! I think we might have to go to WalMart and buy the most obnoxiously loud toy there! I know her Mother would just love that!

Here's a couple of pictures. The first one is Orianna with her Mom (Akela) and the second one is Orianna with her Grandma (Teresa). Isn't she just the cutest?

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She is sooo adorable Shelle!!! I can understand why you would want to spoil her to peices!!! Just wait till you have your own kids soemday!!!
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Yeah..Mom was dropping hints all night to me about having Grandkids! That day will come, but not right now. I would hope to find the man of my dreams and then have babies. But until then, Orianna will be the one that I spoil rotten!

I was shocked at how big she's gotten! It's sad to think how big she'll be by the time I'll get to see her again! But at least her Mom sends me pictures of her all the time through email and snail mail. Now that I think of it, I've got more pictures of her in my wallet than I do of my immediate family!
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She is the cutest little thing! We're hoping to get pregnant soon, but right now we have my husband's 6 year old. It's great fun going to an amusement park or museum with him.

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Oh Shell, she's adorable! What a smile too! Does she have her ears pierced? It looks like she might from one of the pictures.

My cousin has two children (who are on their way in from Maryland). I love getting to see them as much as I can, and they're only four hours away. It's great getting to play with them, and get them all riled up, and then hand them back to my cousin.

And it's going to be YEARS before the thought of having children will even enter my mind. I'm really quite happy just having Spike.
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Gorgeous! babe.. Thanks for sharing and boy! does she look so alert and well.. cute
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Gorgeous... and I absolutely love the name Orianna... it's as pretty as she is!
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She's gorgeous! No wonder you want to spoil her rotten!
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Shell, she's a sweetheart! Let us know how the babysitting goes.
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she looks like such a cute little kid! Kids at that age always amaze me. they seem smarters than us, adults, at times. I learned a lot form working with kids!
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