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Costumes For Cats!!!!!!

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Check this out - I shrieked with laughter...


I just can't see my kitties enjoying this though!
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Ohh my!
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Did you read the text? My husband and I were dying with laughter.

The cats were cute, don't get to see Scottish Folds that often, and obviously very well behaved. Toes would kill me and Tailer wouldn't talk to me forever.

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Oh my! I'd need to drug Spike to get one of those outfits on him... and be wearing a suit of armor when he woke up.
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Someone posted the pictures, a while back. They're much funnier with the Japanese-to-English translations.

If I tried to get my crew into those Opie would die of embarrassment, Rowdy would shred it and Buddy wouldn't ever speak to me again!
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LOL I saw that when someone posted that awhile ago
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That's funny!

I dress Hercules up for Halloween! I made him a bee suit and he loves to wear it! He can move around just fine!
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I could't even get one on any of my cat's!!!!!
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Oh, goodness! LOL!
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The descriptions are...um...entertaining.
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