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Male urination problems...

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hi there... I hope someone can help me as my husband is fed up and threatening to send our male cat to the shelter....

By way of background, I have 2 cats; a female that is 7 and a male that is 5. We got the male as a kitten after having the female for a couple of years. They are both fixed and in general get along.. they play, cuddle, groom each other etc.

For roughly the past year we have had a problem with our male cat urinating outside the litterbox. The strange thing is, that he will not pee on the floor --- only things on the floor. Any towel, rug, or piece of clothing. He has also resorted in the past couple of weeks to peeing on things that aren't clothing but are flat, such as a plastic bag, an empty laundry basket, and my dustpan...grrrrr. I just want to reiterate that he doesn't go on the bare floor or carpet,and he never poops outside the litter box.

I am tired of having to either wash things to death or throw them out. But he's my baby.. I can't see sending him away. How do I get this behavior to stop? I took him to the vet and he's healthy. The vet suggested medication, some kind of antidepressant, and I took the pills home but I'd rather not drug my cat if there is another way. I have tried multiple litter boxes and that didn't work. Is there some kind of spray, anything??
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Welcome to TCS!

You must consider this thought, is dumping him in the shelter (where a not littertrained cat will likely be euthanized) better than not drugging him?

That said - did you vet specifically test his urine to ensure he did not have a UTI or crystals? I have found that many vets find them physically healthy, yet do not test for a UTI when problem urination occurs. I would also re-test him now - as I have had a cat come back clear of UTI/crystals & less than 2 weeks later be peeing straight blood.

When he started peeing on things - did something in the house change? New pet? New human? New litterboxes? New litter? New furniture? New stray cat show up outside? Temporary visitor?

You can try things like Feliway, I don't like the spray as IMO it's not effective, but you can get diffusers to plug it. They are $$ - you can find them on places like Amazon.com (who seem to have the best price from what I understand).

You can also search the forums for the drug your vet prescribed. Many, like Amitriptyline & Prozac, are recommended for problem pee-ers.
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