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awesome, so happy for the little guy!
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Today Frankie tried to shake the water out of his coat and feet after his bath! He is still extremely tiny and may never grow to normal size. His last weigh in he was 9oz. He is 7 weeks old today and his siblings are nearly a pound or more.

I have upped the number of times he is fed a day hoping this will add some weight. Anyone have suggestions? I am feeding him canned kitten food with electrolights and 2nd step kitten weaning food from KMR. I make it into a mush and feed him with a syringe. I also add NutraCal to boost the calories.

His tummy is fat but his legs are thin. He has been tested for parasites and it was neg. He is walking but, still sleeps twice the amount of times his siblings do.

Any advise is welcome!
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Will he fight you if you try to exercise his legs? When TC got hit by the truck and broke her pelvis, once it started to get better we noticed her right leg lost all the muscle tone. Upon direction of our vet, we began leg lifts, presses and general stretching. It was tough but she began to get some of it back and began pushing on our foot to try to prevent us from pressing it up. Little did she know that is what we wanted and it helps to develop the muscles. Now she walks with no swagger, and she has some tone but not like she did before the accident. She compensates with the left leg when jumping but she can scale our 7 foot cat condo.

Try little leg exercises with him, this may help to develop the legs faster then he is now. That weight difference could be from poor tone right now in his legs, especially if he is sleeping more then trying to walk around.
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Thank you we will try this! We have been pressing againt his side to work his balance so we willl add this to his exercize routine. Funny he works out several times a day and I barely walk around the block!LOL
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Took this pic at noon Saturday. 14.5 days after the injury. We think he's doing much better. His appitite is great and he growled at us today, got tired of fluffing.
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I'm so glad he is doing better!

He's looking so good too! Such a sweet looking lil guy!
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Is it just me or did you get a new picture? It looks great Shell!

You should see this little guy before his bath!LOL He is the scragglest little thing. It's amazing what a bath and blowdry can do!
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Yep, new picture. Thanks! It was taken a couple weeks ago at my brothers graduation.

I seen that pic of him after his bath! He looked like a mini Yoda! Too cute, but he did look rather ticked since he was soaking wet!
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Frankie snuck out of the room and into the hall way. He doesn't walk in circles as much as he used to! We had another bath today and I swear he had food on his forehead! LOL He doesn't seem to hide as much as he used to either.
Send me some energy! I am wiped out with the new kittens and Frankie! I also have a limping cat. She goes to the vet today too!
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You haven't posted in a couple of days - unless I overlooked it. How's the kitten? Any sight yet?
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Teresa, I've kind of avoided coming to this thread since I first read it as I was really, really worried that it was curtains for poor Frankie and I was so feeling the pain of your family about what happened.

But - I've ventured back in, and I'm SOOOOOO glad I did!!!

Frankie is the sweetest, cutest, cuddliest most adorable little persian fella I've ever seen (I have 2 persians and they just melt my heart every time I look at them).

Thank you so much for caring for little Frankie so deeply and making his life worth living.
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Teresa- I hope you are able to get some much-needed sleep soon! That is so good to hear about Frankie- what a courageous kitty!
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Frankie is now walking over to the food dish to eat. He will "ask" for food and wait for me to bring it. He still isn't playing yet, but he is "tracking" sounds (looking toward what he hears.)I sit him in the litter box, he isn't scratching or using it yet, but he still has time to heal yet.
It is going to be so hard to find him the right furever home. I just can't keep him as I have so many right now!
Keep those vibes coming as they have helped so very much!

THANK YOU for all your support and encouragment! I could not have done this without you!
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Oh, I wish I could have Frankie. He's such a little miracle! But, my kitties are devious and would probably take advantage of his blindness!
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I don't know how I missed this! I just saw the updated picture of Frankie, and got to read the more recent updates - wow! He looks like he's doing so much better... I'm so happy. You're doing a great job with him Teresa.
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How's Frankie doing this lovely weekend?
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Frankie is doing well, he can find the food on his own by smell alone. He still won't eat the dry, but we are hoping that will change. He also isn't using the llitter box yet and we are praying he will also improve in that area too. If we can find him a furever home he will go with his cozy crate. It is a tent with a zippered door that is large enough for a litter box, bed and food dishes. This way hehas a familuar home in his new home.
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Frankie walked in a straight line to me when I called him today. He followed his sisters path when she walked between us. I'm hoping he saw her and wasn't just smelling her. He seems to hold his head up more, so maybe he is seeing shadows? He is cleaning himself more too! I just wuv him to pieces!!!
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I'm so excited to hear that news! I bet you end up keeping that little baby, huh? He can only improve, so that's wonderful news every time you post. Please keep us all updated. Lots of us on the board are following Frankie's story!
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That is excellent news!!!!
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That is just wonderful Teresa! Go Frankie!!!
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Go Frankie!
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Yay!!! I love progress reports on Frankie... especially when they're good.
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Yahoo!! I've been away for a week and kept wondering how things were.

Great news continues for Frankie the Fighter!

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Anything new happening with Frankie?
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Frankie was well enough to get his first shots yesterday and he and his siblings were microchipped as well. They were not happy All are healthy and eating well.

Frankie is finally gaining weight. He is over 10oz now and his siblings are a pound plus. We are keeping him in a tent in the front room so he feels included. His skull has closed and the soft spot and gap are closing normally.

We won't be able to keep him when he has grown and will be giving him to a good home at no cost. He gets to keep his bed, tent, dishes ect so he is still in familuar surroundings.
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Such good news Teresa. You have been such a wonderful mum to this little guy and he's getting so much better for it. Do you have any more pics of him to show us? I'm a sucker for pictures! LOL

Go Frankie, go Frankie, go Frankie!
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I understand you're finding him a permanent home, but...I gotta be honest with you...after all that you and Frankie have been through together, I wouldn't have the strength to go ahead with it. It seems to me that circumstances such as yours create some sort of special bond.

Like I said, I'm not trying to make you feel bad. I completely understand why. You just happen to be a helluva lot braver and stronger than I.

Great to hear about his head healing! Any further indications if his vision is clearing at all?

Way to go, Teresa! Thanks for the update!
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Frankie Photo
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Awww! What a sweetheart. I'm so glad that Frankie's doing better!! (=
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