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That's AWESOME!!! He's so precious! Keep at it you wonderful cat-angel!

Thanks for all you're doing and still finding the time to keep us updated.
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glad to hear frankie is doing so much better! I hope things continue to improve!
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Wow, what a great story. Congrats on helping Frankie get better sounds like he's going to pull through just fine. Hmmm.. I wonder how difficult it will be to raise a blind kitty.

I honestly always wanted a kitty that has gone blind of deaf or has some difference from the norm. I'm always up for that kind of a challenge and to give them a good home.

Too bad the limit is 4 at the moment, not allowed anymore.
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Teresa, little Frankie is so cute, I'm glad he's improving, and even if he does go blind he can still have a normal life.

Since I don't know if you have had any experience with blind cats, I just wanted to mention my cat, Midnight, (deceased) who went completely blind due to glaucoma in both eyes during her last few months. Cats do adjust well to not being able to see. Midnight was still able to find her way around our home easily and without running into objects by using her whiskers as feelers, and my vet thought she was also using her memory of where everything was located.

FYI: The following link includes a section on blind cats:

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OMG Teresa, I don't know how I missed this!!! Positive heathy energy being sent out to little Frankie. He's such a little fighter, and has a great Mommy to help him like you have. Board Magic has been known to work miracles, but even the strongest Magic in the world can't help without a fighter on the other end. He's a super special little guy, for sure.
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Frankis is still progressing. I have to take him with us today as we are going out of town to a suprise party. I don't have anyone I trust to feed and potty him.

We got the snuggle kitty heat packs in the mail yesterday so he has heat again and can be removed from the pile o' kittens.

I'm packing an old diaper bag for his supplies. LOL I never thought I would need to use it again.

He had a bath yesterday and I will try to post photos later today. Wet kittens are so cute.
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I can't wait to see the new pictures! I'm glad Frankie is still progressing... hurry up and get all better little guy!
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Fresh from his bath!
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All wet in the bath!
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I hope you liked his funny little face! He is such a little fighter, but at bath time he just relaxed and loved the scrubbing. The drying with the blower was another matter! At least he didn't try to run he just hunkered down and gave mean lookas all around.LOL
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OMG! Those are so CUTE! The second pic just cracked me up! He looks like a little kitty alien or something.LOL!

I'm so happy to hear that he progressing. I was really worried about him! What a little fighter you've got!!!
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What sweet pictures! I'm glad Frankie liked his bath... and he doesn't look THAT angry about being blow-dried.
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I hadn't checked in for a while and was so happy to see Frankie is eating and seems to be doing better. Hurray! Hoping the recovery continues along speedily.
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Thanks for sharing those cute pictures. I especially like the one where Frankie is all wet.
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Thanks, again, for the continued updates and the bath pics.

Keep goin'! You're doing great!
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OMG, that 2nd picture!!! What an evil look!! I lovem though!! I am so glad he is getting better Teresa!!!
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Today he verbalized!!! He chirped at me while I was drying him from yet another bath. Oh my goodness it sounded so sweet. He even nuzzled his sister as if looking to suckle! I am so lucky he is a fighter!!
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My heart goes out to you hun. I have a little one myself that I'm fighting to keep. Apparently one of her eyes is a bit to big. Anyways i've been following your story for a while now and I have to say, congrats. You just keep up wiht the loving and the warmth. He knows how you feel, have no doubt abotu that. And your strength is his srength, remember that.

Once he's compleatly better you know what you have to do right?

Spoil him rotten!

~ Salem
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Awwww! Chirping baby kitty! Glad to hear he's still fighting!
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Frankie is still doing well and all the kittens go for their first shots tomorrow. We will see how much he has gained as he has a very round tummy. He is eating much more than last week and I think he is enjoying it more. I keep hoping he will look up at me, but no signs of sight yet.
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Hope your appointment goes well for the kittens tomorrow.

As for Frankie... he's making progress, that's good! Hopefully he will have sight eventually, but I believe some people here have had blind cats that have had a good quality of life. I'm sure you're doing all you can for him and his brothers and sisters. At least he has someone as attentive as you to care for him. Let us know how the appointment goes!
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You and Frankie are an incredible pair! What great news! Chirping and eating more...

What an inspiration you two are!

Blind or not, I think its evident he knows he's loved and cared about.

Way to go! And keep it up!
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Frankie didn't get his shots today. They want him to gain a little more weight before he gets them. His brother and sisters got theirs and will go back in a couple weeks for the next ones.

Frankie did seem to fight getting his bath this morning more than usual He also seemed exhausted when it came time for the blow dry. What a pouter he is. He just sat there all grumpy as usual. Boy when he gets his sight back I'll have my hands full!
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Not being so passive for bathtime must be a good sign. Yay Frankie!!! (If you can't tell, I'm following his progress closely... I'm so hoping for the best recovery for him. )
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The little fighter is getting feisty - that's a good sign! Keeping Frankie and you in my thoughts....
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Frankie has started calling when he is hungry now! He loves to bury his little flat face up to his eyes in the mush I make him. He just sucks it up and buries his face again. He ends up with a long beard of gooey food on his face. It is so funny to watch. His mom loves it too as she gets to lick up the mess.
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OMG He cleaned his foot today! He was shaking his feet and began to lick himself clean!!! Woo Hoo he just keeps fighting his way back! I can't believe how much progress he has made!
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I'm so glad to hear he is getting better! I have had him in my thoughts and hoping he was getting better. He is such a fighter!
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I love hearing progress reports on Frankie! I'm so happy he's doing so well.
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Outstanding!!! Keep it up Frankie!! You can do it!!!

Teresa, again, thank you! (for the love & care you're giving Frankie and the updates you're giving us)
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