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Oh, Teresa!

How incredibly sad after all the two of you have been through.

I really...just don't know what to say or think. He seemed to be going SO good...

The energy, time & resources you poured out willingly for the little guy...astounding!

I don't know...God bless you and Frankie and grant you both peace.
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Oh darlin! *MAjor huggles going your way* That has to be hard, considering how hard that litle guy has been fighting... I wish I would be able to help out more that just typing on a computer...

(Salem) (Vagabond) (Sonjyia) (Hobbit) (Hobo) (OB1 Catnobi) (Bunkie) (Lynn)

Our hearts go out to you...

~ Salem
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The vet said he is just dehydrated. We are giving him another week to see if the sub Q perks him up. She also gave us a high calorie kitten food and we are going to tube feed him every 2 hours. She said this should fix him up!. :rainbow: :rainbow:

Please send cat site magic to get him through this.

Thank you so much for all the prayers and good wishes to date.

:rainbow: :rainbow:
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My warmest thoughts are going your way for Frankie. Has it been warmer then usual where you live? Poor little bitty Frankie, but he's a survivor! If he's made it this long then I am sure he can pull through again!
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It has been in the triple didgets the last few weeks. Even with the A/C going full blast it gets too hot in the house. Right now it is near ninty.

I am giving Frankie water every other hour and food every other hour. I'm hoping this will keep us from having to poke holes in his hide as he is so thin and the skin is so tight against his bones.

Poor little guy. I hope he gets better soon. The food is supposed to increase his calorie intake and I am wondering why they didn't give this to me before! He could be a butterball instead of bones. I don't think anyone understands how small he really is. If you open your hand and place his head on your wrist, only his tail would hang over the fingers, and not much of that. He is almost all hair! At least he won't need to have his face washed so much. Tube feeding keeps it all in the mouth.
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Teresa, I'm so glad to hear that it wasn't his time to go to the Bridge. I really hope that he pulls through and becomes a growing lil boy! Sending lots of prayers and good vibes your way!
Oh...don't forget those hugs too!
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Oh my goodness, what a scare! I pray that the new diet regimen will help Frankie grow leaps and bounds!

You can do it Frankie! The Cat Site loves ya'!!!!
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My heart sank when I read your first post from today Teresa. I'm so happy that it's not Frankie's time yet. I hope the new food does put some weight on Frankie. He's such a little trooper. Hang in there little guy!
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His being so thin is so scary. I feed and feed but he never gets bigger. I am going to weigh him every day. He was only 9oz today. Lets see where he is tomorrow. I will post every day in the AM.
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I'll be checking in for the status reports. I really hope he pulls through. Come on, Frankie!
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I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up with the thread. I hope he starts doing good!! there is nothing sadder then a boney kitten Sending tons of frankie get better vibes your way!! If you ever need to talk just pm me.
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Some time between 1am and 7am last night Frankie left us for the Rainbow Bridge. I am DragonLady's hubby. She asked me to send the message as she is too sad to type. We believe Frankie gave up 2-3 days ago, and now he is in a place he can play and run and be a kitten forever. He has been laid to rest in a place of honor in our backyard. We truely believe we did everything we could to help him recover and hope he did not suffer too much in the attempt.

We would like to thank all of you here on TheCatSite for your prayers and letters of incouragement. Attached is a picture as we would like him remembered, in better health.

DragonLady will be off line for a while, so if you don't here from her for a few weeks, it is not a new event, it is just the forums remind her of Frankie and she needs to take some time to recover from the loss.
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oh my, I am so sorry Frankie didn't pull through! Bless you for trying so hard to keep him going. Sometimes, unfortunately, its just beyond our control.

Take all the time you need, we will miss you and be there for you always!
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Oh my

He was such a brave litle guy - he went on his own terms with the family who loved him so!!

I bet he is looking down from the Rainbow Bridge - thanking you for all you have done for him!!!!
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Teresa and family:

My heart goes out to you for your loss. You gave your utmost to save his life and make it a complete and normal one. I have often wondered if the souls of the animals we have loved can plead our case before God/gods. If so, know that somewhere, Frankie and Bast are smiling down at you.

Sending loads of hugs to you all.
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I've been following this thread, and this just breaks my heart..

Poor little guy, he was tough! He's at the rainbow bridge now, and much happier I am sure!
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Teresa and family,
You not only did everything you could, but you went beyond what most would considering that many people will put down their pets if they wet on the bed one too many times. I am truly sorry for your loss, you put your heart and soul into this Teresa. Try to take comfort in the knowledge that not only is he in a happier place, but while he lived, he was well cared for and loved. And I am sure that he realized it.
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Oh, this hurts so much. I'm so sorry Teresa. I'll always remember little Frankie. He was so lucky to have you as his mommy, you gave him so much love and caring - you did all that you could for him and he really knows that. Please take care of yourself and know that we're all here sending you lots of love.
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I'm sitting here, pouring my heart out with tears, this just breaks my heart

I know how much you loved Frankie, Teresa and family, and just to let you know I'm here for you PM and email captivating@xtra.co.nz, Take all the time out you need hun, You are such a dedicted person to the persian breed, and I know you will do the breed proud

You have all my love and support. R.I.P Frankie........

Love Samantha.
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Oh my gosh, I am so sorry to hear about Frankie. I, too, have been following this thread with the utmost of amazement and total respect at your dedication to this little one. He surely knew how much he was loved!
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Oh my God! I'm just bawling right now, so please excuse the typos. I'm so sorry Hon. My heart is just torn in two. I've fallen in love with Frankie and I will miss him so much. I've adopted him in my own heart as one of my own.
Teresa sweetie, words can not describe how my heart is going out to you. If you need anything, you know how to get a hold of me. Even if you need to vent or just cry, I am here for you and so are the rest of us here.
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I have also been following this thread. You have been an inspiration for us all. You devoted yourself to Frankie and I know he loved you in return. He is at the Rainbow Bridge playing kitty tag and he will never forget you.
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ohh Teresa..there are no words that I can describe to you how sorry I am to hear this....You did everything you could to help Frankie and I am sure he knew that..My heart goes out to you and your family and just take all the time you need....I am sorry, this is the first time I have seen this, and I am not sure when he passed on, but just know he isn't in any pain anymore.. (((hugs)))
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I'm so sorry. This is heartbreaking news. I have been following his story here and I think about him from time to time wondering how he is. He was so beautiful and I was hoping so much that he would make it.
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I am so sorry.Like everyone has said you did everything you could for him.the sweet baby is out of pain looking down to watch you ,in love.he know's you loved him. take care hon and if you want to talk PM me.
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I am soooo sooo sorry
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Oh, I'm so sorry Teresa. We all know how much you did for Frankie... how much time, effort and love you put into trying to make him well again. I am so, so sorry he didn't make it. I'm sure he knew how much you loved and cared for him though, that would be hard to miss. Hope you're resting peacefully little guy.
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Poor frankie... I'm so sad to hear what happened... It sounded like he was doing so well... I don't think there's ever any way to console someone who has lost a kitten especially after such a long struggle... But like everyone else has already said, you did your best and he's not in pain or suffering anymore.
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Teresa, like so many others, I have followed Frankie's story from the beginning. I checked this thread every day and loved hearing about his progress. I am so sorry for your loss, I know Frankie meant so much to you.

I think Frankie represented something very special for each of us. Watching you fight for him every step of the way meant so much to me. It inspired me to keep on doing what I do with the kittens. Frankie's strength shone through every post so much and his fight represented, to me, the fight that so many of our cats and kittens have to fight at some time in their lives, whether they are sick, injured, feral or homeless.

Thankyou so much for sharing your journey with Frankie, with us. I will never forget him.

You may no longer see my face
Or the sparkle in my eyes
You may no longer hold me near
despite your wistful cries

It was time to go beyond this world
Where long lost friends await
To you, I say goodbye for now
As I walk through heaven's gate

Please don't mourn for me
I'm not sure exactly when
But someday in the future
We will meet again

Get some rest mate. I'm thinking of you.
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