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He looks better in each picture you post, Teresa! I'm so happy he's doing so well. I don't know how you're going to part with Frankie either... hopefully his new kitty-mom will continue to post pictures of him for us all to follow.
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Thanks! I beginning to think I should give him a hair cut as he is just a ball of food covered fluff! LOL He is a cutie though!
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When I picked Frankie up today he PURRED this is the first time since the accident! Hurray! He is a purr baby now!
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Frankie, you are DA MAN!!!!!

Teresa, give him loads of kisses from me!!!!
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You don't really want to give that baby up, do you? Now that he's purred on you, he's telling you "thank you" for taking care of him and he wants you to be his mommy!
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Today we took the kitties out to be seen by a prospective mommy and Frankie went along as usual. As my hubby was pacing in front of us...Frankie was following him with his head. We think he can SEE!!! zhe even pawed at me today like he was trying to remember how to play! Hurray! All we need now is the LITTER BOX and he will be 100%!!!! He still moves very slow and is very tiny and thin, but, he is so much better!!!
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Once again, GREAT news about a terrific, tough little patient!

An almost unbelievable story to keep up with.

Way to go, Teresa!
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What good news!!!! I'm sure the litter box will come. It'll just take some time. I'm so glad you're taking good care of him. He's lucky to have you.
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Have I mentioned I love Frankie reports? You'll have to keep us posted on if he really is getting vision back. That would be so great. Go Frankie, Go!
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Frankie's looking good. Like Jenn I'd like another report!

Go Frankie! You sure are the man!

Love Always,
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Frankie seems to be seeing. We had a feather toy that went close to him and he flinched. He just seems to get better every day. He is walking with his head held higher now and moves a bit faster than before. I'm still waiting for the litter box miracle LOL He seems to be searching for something before he goes and mews sometimes.
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Frankie at 9 weeks
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That's wonderful news! We're all rooting for you, Frankie.
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That's great news Teresa!
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I hope to meet Frankie in person some day!
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The progress can be seen through the pictures of Frankie too. He looks so much better now than he did right after the accident. He's a little fighter.
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Oh my gosh Frankie is such a cute little bundle of fur. This is the first time I have seen this thread. Frankie seems like he is doing much better now then when the accident first happened. You go Frankie!
Are you going to keep him???
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Unfortunatly, I am unable to keep Frankie, he will go free to a furever home with the purchase of a sibling. I don't want him to be too confused and scaired when he leaves. I am willing to take him back if things don't work out. He is getting better at fighting to get into the food bowl. He doesn't just back away and sit like he used to he pushes back and continues to eat.

I have several kitties here and won't have the time he really needs. He deserves a home where he can be loved and cuddled much more than he is here. If there is a special home out there for him I would allow him to to go alone. He will be 12 weeks old this July 11th and able to leave then.

He comes with a tent that he lives in as well as his food dishes, food, and lots of extra stuff. I would want updates on his progress and lots of photos as he grows. I always keep in touch with the new mommys and daddys of my little ones. (Unless I am suing them)then I wait until after my lawyer says I can contact them.
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Teresa, I know I'm going to cry when you come back to this thread and tell us that he has gone to his new home! Please be sure to tell his new mom about the Cat Site so we can continue to hear about his progress!
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Frankie's looking really good. I hope he can see , I'm sad you are not able to keep him BUT I'm sure he will be going to a purrfect home as you truly are a gem! Give Frankie 's from me

and Ginger had a great suggestion. I'd love to hear about Frankie's progress from his new owner

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Believe me I mention "The Cat Site" about a hundred times in the kittens baby book. I make sure everyone who even calls or emails about the kittens knows about this place too! LOL I will be sure to mention that Frankie has a fan club and must be updated as part of the adoption! I am really hoping someone here can take him into their heart and home. We shall see.
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Ohhh So he hasn't found a home yet , Aww I thought he had

Best of Luck

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I am very picky as to who can have my kittens. I had a very bad experience with a person I thought I could trust. I now have a better contract, and get references.
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Sounds liken you a responsible breeder WTG!

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I really do hope whoever takes Frankie will periodly post about him and possibly post a picture now and again. I'll miss seeing him if they don't..
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Hmmm ... me, Gurlpower, and Sicy are in the Bay Area ... well gals, who wants to be Frankie's new meowmy???
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I would love him being close enough to visit! That would be great!
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It's so cute that Frankie has a fan club here. Maybe that's why he's gotten better, because he didn't want to let his fans down. and I'm sure someone will come along who can love him and give him the attention he deserves.

That last pic was soooooo cute, are you going to post anymore??
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