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And blizzy is staying...you won't beleave why!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i finally get ahold of the person that is goign to adopt blizzy. And I say did the person you work with explain to you that bliz is to be spayed by the time she is four monthes old and is NOT to be declawed....The phone was quite for over a minute...i actually had to say hello are you there. And she said well ummm. So I said I want to keep blizzy, I was just going to adopt her to a good home if some one really really wanted her and could let her be the princess she deserves to be. But that means no declawing and she must be spayed. So she says but my 14 year old daughter wants her.. i said it doesn't matter she can not be declawed. So thennnnn she says well I will let you know by June 7th i said it doesn't work like that we will keep her. Do you think I did the right thing?

And snowwhite is going to stay inside if she gets along with the boys.... so that makes 8 inside cats for me and 5 outside cats.
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Um, what does it matter that the 14 year old wants her as to whether or nor she's spayed or declawed? Sounds like a not-so-good situation to put your beloved kitten in. I know Laurie went through hell trying to find GOOD homes for the kittens they were looking after. They rejected quite a few before they found good homes.

I think you did the right thing not adopting Blizzy to that family. Have you tried putting flyers up at your vet's office? Maybe that would get some good homes to come up for these little angels.
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Dh says he won't be able to sleep if he thinks there is a change they will be declawed and not loved this is the second kitten that we are keeping because of declawing. So far the only one that got a home is lola and she hasn't been to the vet yet!!! Rich reminds the girl every day to make an appointment so I'm hoping she is going to take her soon.
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Val, you truly are "earning kitty angel wings". I certainly think you did the right thing.
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Trust your kitty angel instincts! That silence actually said quite a bit! Your baby deserves the best, and it's so great that you are demanding the best possible mom for her.
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at this point I think the only person I would trust with her other then me is someone on here last night hubby said I know we are keeping her I just know we are. Good think I am getting that big foot
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I would keep her to if you were in your shoes...I mean, a 14 year old cannot make that decision or not rather Blizzy be spayed or declawed...that is the parents decision & it obviously seemed like the mom wanted to declaw or something irresponsible, so you did the best thing by keeping her....Kudos to you!!!
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I too don't understand what a 14 year old has to do with spaying and declawing. I always have my cats neutered.

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Val, I think you absolutely did the right thing. That is the same reason why we ended up keeping all 6 of Lil's kittens. We could not get potential adopters to agree to those same two, COMMON SENSE items. So rather than risk our little angel babies to a situation where they might be maimed or end up breeding more kitties, we kept them all. And I honestly can say we have not regretted that choice for one moment since it was decided.

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Of course you did the right thing! Blizzy deserves to be loved and not DECLAWED! You are the best person she could possibly be with!
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Val, you definitely did the right thing. The fact there was a long silence after you asked would've rung alarm bells straight away for me. Kudos to you for sticking to your guns. You never know, you might still be able to find a wonderful home for Blizzy (apart from your own, of course).
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Of course you did the right thing! You were just looking out for one of your babies!
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I really can't wait until they are all running around the house!
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Everything happens for a reason!
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