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So many UTI's all at once!

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We are having a horrible time with urinary tract infections in my house. First, I discovered that White Foot peed on the kitchen counter (eek) so I took her in and she had a bad UTI. Then a couple weeks later, I saw Ollie straining to pee on the rug so I took him in and he had a mild UTI. After both Ollie and White Foot were done with their meds, someone was still peeing on the rug, so today I took in Chester who I suspected (don't know why I suspected it) was the one peeing on the rug and found out that he too has a bad UTI. Wow!

Has anyone else ever had a rash of UTI's like this? They are stressed a bit because we've been keeping the windows open lately so they can smell the ferals we care for outside. Anyone have other ideas about what might be going on?

They eat Science Diet Senior and drink filtered water from a ceramic bowl and from a running fountain. All are altered, two Ollie and Chester are about 10 years old and White Foot (she is female) is probably around 4 years old.
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I would bet it's just stress. UTI's are linked to stress as well as medical causes. Since you have more than one cat with a UTI and nothing related to UTI's can be passed from one cat to another, stress would be the first guess. Have you guys tried the Feliway plug in's yet? They really do work. It takes a few weeks to really help, but they do
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Thanks Sandie!

I have one Feliway plug-in (by the back door where the ferals often hang out) and I have been spraying Feliway each morning and evening at other prime spots around the house. They have been less agitated recently, so I'm hoping that they are finally getting used to the outside smells. Hopefully everyone will mellow out soon.
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I know how you feel with the cats and stress. We are trying to re introduce one of our males into the house. About 4 of them are bonkers. I don't know who is more stressed, me or the cats. Now we have a new puppy to add to the mix. I am lucky that I don't have any strays in the neighborhood. Hopefully they all settle down and feel better soon
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When you said it was a bad UTI, what were the symptoms? Are they drinking and eating now?
I am just wondering because Tigger had a bad one, and I'd like to compare symptoms, etc!
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Tigger, that is the funny thing....other than inappropriate urination I really didn't notice anything different except that in both of the cats with bad UTIs they weren't as cuddly as normal. I wasn't aware of them drinking more or anything else. Of course, when you have six cats, it is hard to keep track of what everyone is doing, and having so many cats made it difficult to figure out what was going on....each time I thought only one cat was having problems when the reality was that all three were sick at the same time. I hate that poor Chester was sick for well over a month before I realized that he was having problems too. Oooooh, I feel so guilty.
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