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We have a tabby female cat named Tazi. She is normally quiet and somewhat standoffish, but this week she has been meowing like crazy, and is like under your feet constantly. She has plenty of food and water. She is an indoors cat. We have had her for approximately a year and a half. She has not been fixed yet. She also loves to cuddle up in my arms at night when I sleep and is constantly licking on my hands and arms. Generally she will sleep at your feet or back of legs, but now she is having these unusual behaviors. Any ideas?
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It sounds like she's in heat to me.
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When you have her spayed (you ARE going aren't you?? it's much healthier for the cat) the behavior should stop. It does sound like she's in heat. God forbid she should get out and pregnant. Then what'll you do??
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She's in heat and will continue to do this every 3 weeks until she is spayed. Just a warning...females who go into heat without being bred run a very serious risk of pyometra. It is a uterine infection that can be fatal. Please set up an appt ASAP.
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