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Dry or canned???what's best?

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My cats like their dry food but anytime they get canned food they get diareah(spelling). I was wondering what everyone thinks is best for cat's overall health and nutrition: A diet of all dry food or all canned food??
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A dry food diet is the best. Wet food is 90% water, so there's not much benefit from it. If your kitties are getting diarreah, I would stop feeding them wet food. Keep them on dry food only!
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Max does not like wet food. I talked to the vet about it and he said that it was OK if Max does not want to eat wet food, because it has a lot of salt. In fact, it is better for him if he does not eat it.
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both the can and the bag claim to have the highest nutritional value for cats and kittens. I guess can is ok for a treat occasionaly???
Oh and what about kittens..it's ok to start them on canned isnt it? that's what I've done before untill they were old enough to eat dry.
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Depends on what brand of food it is....I do know canned food can cause their teeth to go bad too, but my kitties get dry mostly, just canned for a treat in the mornings and evenings also sometimes....
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i feed mine a diet of mostly dry food, and i give them wet food as a treat!
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Nothing wrong with canned food..however, if it gives your cat diahrrea I don't think it would be of much benefit to him.
My cats get about an ounce of canned food daily in addition to their dry. Recenlty, I've been reading more and more about canned food being better for cats.
Here is one good article:

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Oops..bad link.
Here it is again:

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Another good one:
Relationship Between Dental Disease and Canned Food
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