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New Kitten

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I have an 8 month old tabby called jasper and decided early on that she could do with a companion. A few months ago, I saw a cream point siamese male who i fell in love with and he will be joining the house next week. Jasper is spayed and I intend to neuter puck as soon as he is old enough.

Jasper is more like a siamese cat in behaviour than a typical moggie and is an indoor puss. She is very very vocal and very affectionate. I dont want her to feel maligned by the new arrival and I´m hoping another similar personality wont upset her too much.

I have grown up with cats but this was on a farm and they pretty much sorted themselves out in the fields!

All I am looking for is any suggestions really as how to make it as smooth a transition for the both of them.

Cheers for now


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I am so happy that you are researching this before you bring home the new cat (rather than waiting until there are problems after trying to introduce the two kitties).

Mary Anne (Hissy) has written an excellent article on how to introduce cats to each other. Click here to read what she wrote.

Also, if you go to Search (at the top of the page) and type in "introduction" or "introducing" into the search (have it look only in the Behavior forum) you will find lots of great threads on introducing a new cat into a home with other cats.

Good luck and keep coming back for advice when you need to.
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