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They caught a bee/wasp!!! Help!

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I got quite the scare when I went out to the living room this morning. Trent was batting at something on the floor, which turned out to be a nearly dead bee or wasp. I'm not sure which, it was pretty mangled and I'm not an entymologist. It had an elongated body which makes me think it was a wasp. Obviously it was killed the rest of the way and discarded where the cats can't get it.

I have no idea how it got in, but that's really beside the point. They caught it and were playing with it. Both kitties seemed OK in the quick once over I gave them before I had to leave. What do I need to watch for if they got bit/stung? Which is worse for them - a bee sting or a wasp bite?

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Dear "Freaking Out",

Are any of the cats restless, pawing at their face or acting peculiar? Chewing on their body in a specific place? If not, then you should be safe. The reaction begins in minutes after a sting occurs. If your area is known for bees and wasps, then it is a good idea to have an over the counter antihistimine available. If swelling occurs, then call the vet and he will tell you what dose to give before your cat comes in to be seen.

If you see a stinger, then take a pair of tweezers and without squeezing remove the stinger, apply a cold compress to the area.
In some cases, the cat will go into respitory distress, and the tongue will turn blue. If that happens don't call you vet take the cat there immediately!
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Hubby let me know that they are fine. Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. "They looked at [him] all cute."

My co-worker said that she had a cat who caught bees all the time and somehow managed to never get stung. Lucky cat!

Thanks for easing my mind for things to looks for MA.
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Kenai catches yellow jackets all the time, and eats them! We have tried to break her of the habit. I have this really nifty book, that is out of print now- but sometimes you can find it on half.com. It is called Kitty First Aid by Ben Pullman DVM I highly recommend it- the book covers everything you can think of.
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Occasionally we get bees or wasps in our house too. Snowball has played with them and has been stung on his nose a couple of times, but has never had any problems as a result of being stung.
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specking of bugs,Last night Nickajack caught a june bug,in his mouth and spit it right back out,then he let out a howl and shook his head,he is fine, I was just wondering if it had a bad taste or something?
Thanks Sherral
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Yes june bugs spray a stinky yucky liquid when caught. It is their only defence.
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thanks!He did'tlike it!!
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