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DT for Friday

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Wow - I have a chance to spend more than a fleeting visit here today and catch up on some threads/posts.

Today I've just had my 2nd antenatal appointment at the hospital. All went well. At the moment I'm still classed as low-risk, and if all continues like this I might be able to have junior in a birth centre (a home-like environment with minimal medical intervention in the actual hostpital) rather than a proper delivery room. What I'd really like is this birth-pool. That looks so relaxing. And no, I'm not an old hippy - honest!!!!

Yesterday afternoon was great - we went to Chelsea Flower Show (internationally-reknowned horticultural event) held in the grounds of the Chelsea Hospital in London. I almost walked my feet off (swollen ankles today as a result), but worth it, as I picked up some lovely original elf/pixie prints for junior's room, and we managed to find - although not yet buy - some really chic wirework garden furniture.

Hope everyone's weekend, whether 2-day or 3-day is a good one!!!!!
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Doing laundry, and getting some stuff ready for hubby tonight since he is going camping for the night with some work buddies, but other than that, nothing..
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Not much happening here. I'm still trying to get rid of this URI. The antibiotics don't seem to be helping, and they are one of the strongest available. Please let me know if you have any advice for killing this bug! All the babies are well and enjoying the cooler weather on their heatpads, now that the kittens aren't using them.
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Went to my daughters honors day program at school, today was the last day of school for her. I will have to find something to keep her busy till August now! Im going to spend the rest of the day cleaning house and playing with the kittys!
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I haven't posted in a DT in ages!!!

Nakita has been enjoying many walks outside and trying to chase every bug that moves. She's also started her "chattering" and every morning she's at the window talking back to the birds and the squirrels.

In Canada, we had our Victoria Day holiday last weekend, so this weekend is only 2 days (I wish every weekend was 3 days!) It's sunny outside my window at the moment, but it's supposed to be a very rainy weekend with thunderstorms. I don't mind, I love seeing everything turning green. This is the first 'spring' that I have been in my house and it's really exciting seeing all the plant life that is popping up around our garden. I have no idea what plants these are, that's why I'm so glad to have the internet to look them up!

I am such a 'newbie' gardener and I have much to learn. I'm currently researching draught tolerant plants and grasses so that I can use less water in the summer.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Everybody was sweating today's test. A few of us thought we had flunked. I got a 91, though. One woman flunked and was immediately fired.

We had a pot luck and, during lunch, the trainer took her out of the lunchroom. Some of us were outside, having a smoke and watched the trainer and Security take her badge and escort her to her car. Mike wasn't kidding about flunking a test and being fired!

Gloria has worked for this company for about 8 years, on another project. She's 60 and may not be able to find another job. If they hire for another project, she can re-apply and will get preference but, if she can't learn the systems, the same thing will happen.

One more week of training and then we're out on the floor. I think that I can handle it!

Have a good weekend.
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I'm certainly ready for a 3 day weekend. Of course, I will probably be working but at least it's on different things (the websites and cleaning the house). We're thinking there's going to be some good sales this weekend at the grocery store so we'll be going to be headed there soon.

I have to go birthday shopping for hubby sometime this weekend. He's so easy to buy for it's hard. The problem is, no matter how much money I have to spend on him there is always more that he wants. He gave me his wish list, and there's at least $500 in DVDs alone. *sigh*
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Yola, I would love to see the Chelsea flower show! I love to work in the flower beds. My daughter had her two girls in the type of room you're hoping for. I hope you can do it. Who wants white walls for such an important occasion?

Have a great weekend, everyone! I know our family will get together, but like Kass, we're getting chilly, damp weather all weekend, including Memorial Day.
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I have never participated in these "DT" threads, actually, never realized what the "DT" ment.
Just now I realized it could mean "Daily Thread"...

Today was so warm and sunny. I had realized that EVERYTHING was dirty, so I washed 6 loads of clothes, towels, nappies, more clothes...and since the weather was so nice, I took everything outside and folded it right away and it's all in it´s place now - except for one load.

Oliver is really moving around now, he was krowling around the garden and digging in the flower beds, accompanied by Pollýanna and Feykirófa. Well they didn´t knowl and dig, they just sat sometimes in the shade and sometimes in the sun and wathed him (well ok, and some birds...)

Cindy, I haven´t really been reading much lately, what test was this???

Yola - I am so glad your pregnancy is going well! Keep enjoying it!

I hope you all will have a great weekend!
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I got my hair cut, super short today! Ahhhhhh! I'm not sure if I like it, it will have to grow on me (no pun intended). And to think, last summer, my hair was halfway down my back. Eh... this takes way less time in the morning!

Scary, huh?

Other than that, I have a bunch of math and chemistry to do, and I have a puppet show tomorrow. Our narrator is gone and the stage is broken, but we will do our best. Then, I have to go to supper at my grandpa's.

I got a cute new (to me) blouse from the thrift shop! It has kitties embroidered on the collar. I love it. And only $15, with a jumper dress. I'll probably never wear the dress, but they came as a set and I really wanted the blouse. :
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Well my day's nearly over , I went shopping today and played with my pets
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