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First Snoopy.... now my father

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Recieved a phone call from my dad Tuesday night telling me he has an abdominal aortic aneurism, our family doctor caught this early but the size of the aneurism is still big enough. I am taking Dad to Hamilton on Monday to see the internist and what will be the beginning of lots of hospital stays and surgeries. Until he has surgery to correct this, there is a chance this thing will burst killing him instantly.

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I am sorry to hear of the bad news for your father. If it helps, my father in law had one of these about five years ago and he came through the surgery fine. Will keep him in my prayers.
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cabbie, i hope everything turns out ok. one of my co-workers had a similar situation, but in his heart. it burst, and luckily he got to the hospital in time and will be fine.

thank goodness the doctor's caught your dad's in time to do something about it.
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Yikes! How scary for all of you....Your dad is in my thoughts and prayers, and hopefully he will be able to have surgery ASAP.. Let us know!
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Sending good thoughts to you and your dad, mate.
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Sending positive energy to your father, and to you. As with everything medical, early detection is the key.
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Bless his heart; he's probably very frightened. I'm glad he has you to be with him, and very grateful that the condition was diagnosed early. I'm praying for him now!
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I will keep him and your family in my prayers!
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I'll be keeping your dad and the rest of your family in my thoughts as well.
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Oh Gosh, what startling news! I truly hope that everything goes good for him...and you too! Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers your families way!
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Awwwwww your in my thoughts and {{{HUGS}}} .. Sam
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Oh my, I'm so sorry! How worrying! I am keeping him in my prayers! I hope everything turns out all right for him!!
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I'm wishing you and yours the best. and some kitty hugs((( ))) ((( )))
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Sending good wishes your way for you and your family. It sounds good that the aneurism was found early - so maybe it can be taken care of soon and your father will be okay. Please keep us informed.

You're in our prayers.
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