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I have two odd kitten questions that I am curious about. The rest are just to get a thread going for people with kittens that might not know something about kittens and have a question. Also for people that just want to learn more about kitten care. These are all I can think of...answer these and/or add your own.

(1)What works first eyes or ears??
(2)What age do they start to eat??
(3)What age do they need water(start drinking it)??
(4)How long can they go without milk(before weaning age)??
(5)What age is it safe to handle them without it hurting their bodies??
(6)Can kittens get hurt being carried by their neck?
(7)If their mother dies, how do you know they are old enough to not need milk?? If they will eat food?
(8)If eating food does that mean they can be weaned off mother's milk right off??
(9)*~...What can you guys think of???