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Great Cat Fiction Books

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I thought I would start a thread where we could discuss books/stories that have cats as the main characters.

Some that come to mind right away are:

Thomasina, by Paul Gallico
Jenny, or The Abandoned, also by Paul Gallico
Tailchaser's Song, by Tad Williams

Anyone else know of others? Who has read these or other cat fiction tales? Let's talk about them!!!
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I love mysteries so my favorites are Lilian Jackson Braun's the Cat Who series and anything by Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie Brown--I've read everything but the very last Cat Who mystery so far.

There's also Lydia Adamson mysteries (the main character is a cat sitter).

And the Midnight Louis mysteries that take place in Las Vegas.

I also like the Cat Crimes series of mystery short stories.

As you can tell, I'm a real reader.

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The "Catfantasic" series, edited by Andre Norton, short fantasy stories. Some stories are better than others, but there are a few gems among them.

Gabriel King - The Wild Road
Gabriel King - The Golden Cat
The Golden cat is the sequel to The Wild Road.
The hero in both books is Tag, a young Burmilla cat, who is appointed guardian of the Wild Roads.
I haven't finished the Goden Cat yet, but I quit enjoyed the Wild Road
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Summon the Keeper & The Second Summoning by Tanya Huff.
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Oh yes, the CatFantastic books are wonderful! My favorite story was in I believe book 4 "Grow Old With Me". Such a wonderful, wonderful story...
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Recently I finished Tailchaser's Song.
What an absolutely wonderful book. Great story and well written. Funny too, like when Tailchaser's get's high on catnip.
Or just a short sentence in between.

One afternoon, Pouncequick caught a Squeaker all by himself. It was a young mouse and a stupid one at that, but Pouncequick caught it without help and was justifiable proud. Moreover, Fritti decided, it tasted just as good as the cleverer sort
"That's Rumblepurr, the Court Chamberain," said Howlsong in a low excited whisper. "He's ever so important. Likes his Squeakers a bit too much, and his naps <..>

"Grow old along with me" is indeed a wonderful story. It's in CatFantasic V.
In IV is my favourite story "Arrows", the about Kip and Key, the two well meaning, but totally clueless Jinn who try to rescue a cat.
I also love the stories about the Dravencat.

BTW book IV also has Tybalt's Tale
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Tybalt's Tale was good, too. "She was very kind to cats." And Arrows was good as well.

Tailchaser's song was even better on the second read-through. If I get another orange cat, I'm going to name him Tangaloor.
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the catfantastic books were great...also like "breed to come" by andre norton - read it in elementary school then again as an adult, and loved it both times.
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