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Oliver likes to charge my other cats

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Well, Oliver has pretty well gotten over the biting our fingers stage. He has now met my other three cats. He is constantly charging at them, hissing at them and swatting at them. I think it's because he wants to play. They seem to be tolerating it pretty well, possibly because he's so much smaller (he's 15 wks. old) than they are. I think if he was bigger, they'd consider him a lot more threatening. I feel bad for them though-I wish he'd cool it and not be so confrontational. He's like the little mini alpha cat. I've always done well with cat introductions-this was done slowly as well. I still put him in our spare bedroom at night and when we're gone so the other cats can have some peace. (plus Oliver is so ballistic I'm afraid to leave him out for fear he'd commit hari kiri.) I hope he'll settle down some-I'm looking forward to the time I see them curled up sleeping together-IF that ever happens. Anyone else have a little "terminator" of a kitten?
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Right now I'm in the process of introducing my litter of kittens to the older cats. Watching their bravido is very comical. They huff and puff and tip toe past the big cats. Too funny.

It will take alot of time to get your little one under control as he isn't sure of his place in the pecking order. As soon as he knows he is safe things should calm down a little.
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I think a lot of Oliver's behavior has to do with his age. He is going to be a completely wild child for a long time yet to come! Luckily he is small enough that the others will be able to bop him on the head when he gets too rough without actually resorting to real fighting. When the big ones bop him they are teaching him how to behave -- a lesson he will learn soon enough. Anyway, I wouldn't worry about this at all. Just let the grown-up cats teach Oliver what he can and can't do and everything will be okay!
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Yes, I guess he just needs to learn his manners. I think it may take awhile because he is certainly persistent and doesn't give up easily. He's like the Energizer bunny-he keeps going and going and going....
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Yea, Isis is like that. She gets her tail all puffy and she toes around the bigger cats like she's sizing them up. At eleven weeks old Isis is nothing compared to them, but hey it doesn't bother her. She meows at them, bats their tails, and then chases them around the apartment when they try moving away from her.

But its gotten to the point that Mischief - who I think Isis will outgrow, Mischief isn't that big - will actually play with her, and Niko who I really doubt Isis will even come close to in size, will just bat her down like an older sibling would do to their much younger sibling. It's funny though, because Isis doesn't stop! She just rests for a moment and then sees a tail twitch and she's off again!
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Well, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. Maybe Isis and Oliver should become friends.
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Well, My little kitty Musya is just like yours! I'm not alone....
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Oh YEAH--We can add my Spike to your little club!!!

My little white kitty (Missy) is full grown, but very small and petite build. ...THEN we have Mr. Spike--age 7 1/2 months old,(who is very much, trying to live up to his "bruiser" name!!! ahaha--And that name was DH's idea, not mine!!!!) He thinks he HAS to show all his bravado 24/7 and most of the time, Missy just sort of looks and almost rolls her eyes at him. But at least once a day (usually more!) they are tussling around--and it IS always instigated by Spike! I always try to divert his attention, but sometimes when the fur is really flying, I give him some time alone, so he can sort of "regroup". I found that about 20 minutes is what it takes for him, as if I let it only be something like 5 or 10 minutes, he stalks right back and starts where he left off!!! He has been neutered, but I think some male hormones are still surging around!
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My husband wants to change Oliver's name to Arnold for Arnold Schwartzenager in the Terminator movies. Right now, Oliver is on my lap batting at my hair.

I think time outs are what I give this kitty (when I put him back in the spare bedroom) when he's driving the other cats nuts.

Spike sounds like a good name for your cat Missy&SpikesMom. He sounds like a macho kitty.
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Yup--Your husband is right! Arnold would be a PERFECT name!! I have a friend who has had a lot of cats and she ALWAYS waits for several weeks, before naming her kitties. She says you HAVE to wait, so you can find the perfect name that REALLY fits! Of COURSE, if you are like I, you name them one thing, then end up calling them all kinds of goofy nicknames! Neither of my cats come running when I call their names (unless I say "FOOD" or "TREATS"!!! )so, I guess I can call them just about anything!! haha

Spike's time-outs sound like your time-outs. I just separate the cats for awhile--just to let tempers cool a bit!
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Oliver (alias Arnold) was really driving me crazy yesterday. His kitty litter is upstairs in the spare bedroom. It's only been recently that I've started letting him in our laundry room where the other cat's litter boxes are. Yesterday he got in one of them and was sort of "spinning" around pouncing on invisible things. I think he scared the other cats a bit acting weird like that. (they were going up to the litter boxes acting a bit cowtowed) I certainly don't need them being put off going in their litter boxes because he's acting like a crazy cat! Then he was trying to pounce on one of them while they were eating. UGH! He is so cute but such a DEVIL. I keep telling myself that no cat can keep this behavior up forever-he's got to settle down, right? Right? Right?

I call my kitties goofy nicknames too. One of them probably has an identity crisis because he never gets called by his real name.
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