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Luna is getting spayed tomorrow (Friday) . . .

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Everyone please keep your fingers crossed for her! (And my nerves . . . LOL!) I get to bring her home either next Friday or Saturday!!!!!
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Good luck to you and Luna. My Luna, Twig, Isis and Rocket and I will be sending positive thoughts to you until you and her and together again.
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Even though I'm sure everything will go well, I'll be sending positive thoughts to Luna, and calming ones to you! You're close to having her home with you now!
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Sending good luck and get well soon wishes to Luna!
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Sending positive vibes to you and Luna!
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She will be good as new in no time! Cant wait to see pics of you holding her!
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Sending my hugs and blessings and smiles, Viva!!

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Good luck!!! can't wait until you get to bring her home!
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The both of you are going to be just fine sweetie!! She will come through with flying colors I am sure of...Here are some positive thoughts going yours and her way today!!
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Viva, how did it go? Hope all is well!
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I know exactly how you feel! I went through the same thing yesterday with my kitten, only it was a neuter instead. I was really nervous about it and today he is fine, back his old self again, feeling really good. Im sure she will be fine! Sending good wishes for you and your kitten!
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I now how you feel. My Marjie did get spayed last week and we was by the vet today to pull out the threads. She is absolutely fine now.
Good luck for your both
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So, How did Luna do??? I have been thinking of her!!
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She didn't get spayed today. Apparently, when the breeder brought her in to get spayed to day, she had a clear runny nose. And they decided to wait to spay her to make sure she's not sick. So, the next available time is June 6 for the spay. So, I can't bring her home til the week AFTER that! 3 more weeks from now!!! Waaaa!!!!
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Same thing happened to Fluffy..she ended up having an UTI and had to postpone her spay date 10 days later...I hope she isn't too sick...(((HUGS))
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Oh, I'm so sorry Viva! I know it's for the best for Luna, but still....three weeks is FOREVER to wait for her! I was getting excited for you to bring her home too.
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Awwwwww {{{{HUGS}}}} , I was soooo looking forward to you getting Luna home, Hang in there
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Oi! Three more weeks! You poor thing! I can't imagine your anticipation right now. And it's better if Luna is 100% healthy when she goes in for her spaying, so, at least the right thing is being done. Maybe you'll luck out... the first two weeks I had Spike home with me I didn't sleep more than an hour, hour and a half, each night. But ever since those two weeks or so, he's been an angel through the night. Maybe Luna will have outgrown the "I must make Mommy crazy at night" crazies by the time you get her.
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