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Update on Starry

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My poor baby is finnaly getting enough energy to play! She has been lying so quiet this last week. She would climb up onto my chest and sleep and purr. She seems so content there. All I can do is hug her and tell her she is safe now.

We started her on Clavamox this evening as her URI became worse.

She has gained a little weight and is eating and drinking more every day. I am so happy to see her play!!! I think she is over the worst of it now.

All she has left is to grow back the fur around her neck. The bald patched are pretty extensive, but I'm sure she will be good as new.

Thanks to all of you who have supported me. I'll let you know how the lawsuit goes. I just sent another packet to my lawyer. I should hear from her in the next couple of days.

:pinky: :rainbow:
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Teresa, so sorry you have been through so much.. i am sending you good vibes now...

Yes, please keep us posted, okay?

Smiles and Cheers!
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Teresa, I'm so glad Starry is getting better. Good luck with the lawsuit. That woman deserves everything you can throw at her and then some!
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I missed what happened. Which thread is it in? Or is it too sad to read?

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I am so glad you got that kitten back! It scares me to think that other person is a breeder. Sending well wishes for starry. Maybe a pic soon?
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Teresa, Is this the cat you sent to another breeder? I haven't been able to keep up with everything lately, so I'm curious about your sick baby.
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I am soo glad that Starry is getting better and getting more energy back!!! That is such wonderful news!!!
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Teresa, I am so glad that Starry is beginning to feel better! That's great news.
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Oh Teresa, I'm so sorry about everything you've had to go through!!!! I'm SO glad things were going better for Starry... any update?
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It seems that the missing fur from around her neck is a unusual form of Ringworm. We are bathing with medicated shampoo her 3 times a week and trying to keep her seperate from everyone else. It may be too late already so we are going to try to stock up on the shampoo.

Hubby hasn't received his severence pay as of yet so we have to wait to buy anything.

The thread about this whole mess is in the breeders corner, "Am I Bad Breeder" This will fill you in as to what is going on with poor Starry.

Here is the photo of when we got her home. Before photos are in The breeders notice board under Persian Kittens Available by DragonLady.
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Poor Baby
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Oh my goodness, that poor little girl!!!! And somehow that woman says it was YOUR fault? Gimme a break! I'm so glad she's back home where people love her and take such good care of her. She's a lucky little baby.
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Oh Teresa, my thoughts and prayers are with you and little Starry! (And the rest of the gang!) Poor, poor little girl. I agree with Heidi - I'm glad she's with people who love her and care!!!!!
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OMG I just saw this thread! .. Starry's gorgeous, I'm so sorry hun, I'm glad she's getting better!
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