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I won!! I won!!! My ann present from hubby!!!

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okay so why spend 200 dollers on a ring when you can have a kitty condo?? yep that is right, for our second wedding ann. hubby bought me the big foot kitty condo...well i think it is sweet!!! I was in tears because the auction went up way to high and he said well.... do you want a ring or the condo...and I said the condo!! So this is my pretty ann. present I sure hope the cats love it!

my gift!
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OH Val..that sucker is AWESOME! I'm so jealous right now! You're cats are gonna love this...don't be surprised if you don't have more cats coming to your door. The words out that you've got the coolest cat condo on the block!

Congrats and happy anniversay!
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Take pictures once it arrives and the gang tries it out! I can see Nimby being the first to race to the top...
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I can't wait to see who is the first on top!! Neo has claimed the top of the condo in the empty bedroom! So I think mr moemoe might try to claim with one! Now I have to clean out that corner in my living room!!
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That is SOOOOO cool! I tried to get my husband to say yes to one of the ones at Cosco, but he just grunted. Oh, well.

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That is sooo awesome! The cats and I are packing our bags and will be moving in! LOL Great Gift!!!
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Wow! That is soo awesome! Yeah!
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OMG! I want one for my kitties! I'm SOOOOO jealous!
Happy anniversary! I know they'll love it!
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I think that's a super sweet anniversary present! He knew that's what you wanted.

That is an awesome condo! Yep, we definitely need pics of all your kitties scrambling around that one! LOL
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How thought full. That is real nice, lotsa perches. The kittys are going to love it. You did say it was "your" anniversary?
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Wicked! That is so awesome! I was planning on building a HUGE scratching post, now I'm getting ideas! Your kitties are so spoiled!
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My anniversary it is my prize for putting up with him! Although he has be a great hubby this year We got married on June 20th of 2001. We started dating on July 4th 1996 and we had our reception for our wedding on July 14th (we had eloped) So we really celebrate on July 4th, but we consider it our anniversary June 20th to July 14th
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That is a cool condo!!! Congrats to you on the winning!!
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Woo Hoo Val!

That's so cool! And you eloped! Wow! LOL
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Val, that's so wonderful!!! (And you KNOW you're a crazy-cat-lady when you take a kitty condo over a ring, LOL!!!)

Happy Anniversary!!!!
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Let us know when you get it! We want pictures of the Chief Cat Condo Testers inspecting it...
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I can't wait to get it!! I think neo will win the contest test he is the biggest and the fastest
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