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Raising kittens?

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My cat gave birth recently (2 1/2 weeks ago)and I have a few questions regarding the kittens.

1) When do they start eating kitten food?

2) When is it ok to start weening them from the mother?

3) Should they be using a litter box yet? ( I have seen no evidence that they are even using the bathroom, that I can tell anyways)

4) When is it ok to seperate them from the mother?

5) Is it ok to let the mother go outside periodically?

6) Should I give them water or keep them on milk for a while?

7) The kittens are hissing and spitting at me a lot, is this normal?

8) When should I take them to the vet to get a check up?
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Okay.. Lemme see...

1 They can usually start kitten food at about 6 weeks. Start them on a gruel of dry food with KMR or try just the canned wet kitten food.

2. They can start to wean about 6 to 8 weeks. It is preferable that the kittens stay with mom until 10 to 12 weeks though.

3 Mom eats all the excretions, thats why you dont see them. They wont start having hard stool or attempt to use the box until they are on solid food.

4 If you want happy healthy well adjusted kittens..10 to 12 weeks.

5 Mom should NOT go outside until spayed and once the kittens are gone. She can bring in serious viruses to the babies.

6 They will drink water on their own and will suck on mom until they have no choice but to stop.

7 If they are feral yes. You need to spend more time with them. Let them know that humans really are okay. Talk to them and touch them gently. Don't push affection on them, but do it gradually.

8 They need to get a feline distemper vaccine at 8 weeks. They will get a good examination and be dewormed.
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Thanks Sandie. What is feral? I have let mom outside to get fresh air and did not realize that could pose a threat to the babies. Now I am worried. I will not do that anymore but because I have should I be concerned? When she goes outside she stays on the porch and is only out there for 20 minutes at the most. It is not like she is out there all day. I had no idea.

When it is time for the vet should I take all of them together? I live in NC and we have a place called Second Chance Pet Adoption and that is where I was planning on taking the kittens when it is time. Should I wait till then? I know I am asking a lot of questions but I have no clue and obviously you can tell because I thought I helping out mom by letting her get out now and then! :tounge2:
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A feral cat is one who has been raised outdoors and has not been socialized at all.
With mom, kittens immune systems are weak. You really dont want to expose them to anything other than what they have been.
This is just my take on the whole vaccine thing.I know money is a factor. The best thing you can do for the kittens is keep them with mom until they are 10 weeks. They really should get de wormed and have a distemper at 8 weeks. I know you have someplace to help find them homes, but it saves the organization the money and you know they are protected when thrown in with other cats and exposed to new things. I have always gotten upset when I got a cat from a pet store or pound and they are infested with ear mites, sick and are dirty. These guys shouldnt have to be compromised just to find a home.
If you decide to take them, yes take them together. Don't hesitate on asking questions. Honestly it is the only to learn.
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