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Worried about Charm - URI?

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Hi all,

Well, first off let me say, I have taken Charm to the vet (Tuesday) and the vet told me that Charm most likely just has an upper respitory infection. We were also given Flagyl Suspension for her diarhea. We also were given Panacur for worms (even though the test came out negative) to give for 3 days. I was told that for Upper Respitory Infections - you just had to wait them out.

I'm all concerned now because (as I also mentioned to the vet) she sneezes and I don't think it's really coughing, but it almost sounds like a choking sound when she's doing it. I originally thought she was attempting to cough up worms or a hairball (it sounded like Lucky did way back when she coughed up the worms).

Charm is eating fine (and still trying to nurse from any of our skin that's available - but she's doing it less and less), and drinks plenty of water, is active, playful, etc. I'm just a concerned new mommy, I guess.

The vet did say Charm's temp was normal (101 degrees) and her lungs and heart sounded great - I'm just worried about this sound she makes from time to time. The vet also stated that if we noticed any discharge (greenish) coming out of her nose - that's when we should get in there. No discharge from her nose to this point.

How long does it take for the Flagyl take to take care of the diarhea problem - because she's still got very runny stools. And how long should I wait before getting her into the vet again? I was thinking if she's not done with the sneezing/choking sounds, I'm going back in early next week.

Thanks guys, for any help and reassurance or advice from your experiences.
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She is just in a weakened state. I am sorry she is sick, but if the vet is reasonably certain that her lungs are fine, plus her temp is normal, she just needs to rest and kick this.

You didn't say if he gave her any antibiotics? She needs that to help her kick this infection. If you have a good health food store near you, you can go and buy a small bottle of Grapefruit Seed Extract and put a couple of drops in her water and her wet food. 2 or 3 drops usually suffice. Also start giving her bottled water instead of tap water (if you aren't doing that already)

Take a cat carrier and take the door off. Pile the inside high with soft bedding and drape a dark cloth over the carrier leaving enough room for her to get in and out of the entrance. Put it in a quiet dark room. Cats need to sleep in complete solitude when they get ill, it helps them regenerate themselves.
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Nope, no antibiotics given. See, that's what I thought was strange. I was told it would just run it's course, there was nothing to give her for that. I think I may go to another vet for a second opinion. I have her carrier in my room (just like you said) except that I didn't drape a towel over the sides. She just has so much energy - that's why I didn't know if she was that sick, you know?

Also, should I not sleep in that room with her for a few days then? She likes to sleep on my chest. She does get up to play in the early morning, though. Maybe I shouldn't be going in there so much during the day to play, either. Maybe I should just go in to cuddle?
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Flagyl should take care of the loose stool. Make sure to give it until it is all gone. I know it is hard because cats hate the taste, it's very bitter.
Upper respitory mostly means cold. As long as the sinus doesn't get infected it should pass.
Keep us posted!
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Thank you, Teresa. I will definitely keep everybody posted. I'm a fanatic about this stuff. Is it possible to love our furbabies too much? The first time I gave her the meds (Flagyl) and she was drooling all over the place - it was okay, because I had a towel right there, but then she shook her head and it was all over everything. Now, today - I felt like a pro because I was ready for it, and held her and stroked her gently until all the drooling was done and wiped her little chin and then she was off to play.

I've got to mention...I'm sure glad she uses her litterbox - I'd have a real mess to clean up if she didn't. We just carpeted that room not too long ago, too.
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After being on the Flagyl (since Tuesday) Charm's stool is still terrible. I'm very worried about her. I'm going to call the vet tomorrow with some of my concerns and hopefully get her in. Now with the Memorial Day weekend, I'll end up waiting until Tuesday if I can't get her in tomorrow. I just thought the stool would start firming up by now. She gets 2 doses a day and it does not seem to be helping at all.

Also, should I call the Humane Society and alert them of this (in case they want to contact the other people who adopted her 2 sisters?). I wasn't sure if they followed up on that type of thing or not.
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Just an update for those of you interested.

I called the vet this morning and told her about how Charm isn't responding to the Flagyl yet. The vet wants to put her on some different food until Tuesday (when Charm will go back to the vet because she's not doing any better). It's Eukanuba Low-Residue food. She seems to be eating it, so that's a plus. Also, she's been drinking tons of water - which is also good seeing as she's been having diarhea since we brought her home.

Also, the vet stated that it's possible Charm may have Giardia, Coccidia (sp?) or Coronavirus. However, it could be that her tummy just doesn't tolerate the food she's been eating. We'll be taking another stool sample in Tues. just to see if anything shows up. They'll test for more things than just worms this time around.

Went to the bookstore and purchased some books today so I have up to date ones on hand - that way I won't have to ask so many questions here.

That's it.
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