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Memorial Day weekend

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Is anybody doing anything, this weekend? I've got three days off and will probably spend it packing and maybe go to a ceremony, at the American Legion post.

As the widow and daughter, of a veteran, I feel that I need to show my support and respect. The Air Force is doing flyovers, at all of the cemeteries, this weekend, too.
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I will be trying to inspire my kids to mow the lawn. *sigh* We keep losing the 4 year old the back yard. Then we have laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and bathing the cats This will be the hardest of all!
I will be thinking of you outside having fun without us...
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No plans here I don't even get a 3 day weekend! I have to work on Monday even though the Pharmacy is closed. They have to have someone there for at least 4 hours in case if people need help with the over the counter stuff. The bright side is that not only do I get 8 hours of Holiday pay, but add the extra 4 on there!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Thank God tomorrow is Friday! Whew...it's been a long week!
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I'm doing the family thing for the weekend. My cousin, along with her husband and their two children will be coming in from Maryland. Also, her husband's family (mom, dad, 3 sisters, 2 brother-in-laws, a neice and nephew) will be coming in as well. We'll be celebrating my nephew's 8th birthday along with the Memorial Day bbq, etc. Should be the usual fun at my aunt's.
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We are mudding and taping our bedroom walls. I will probably drive my horses, they haven't been worked in months and the mud is finally drying up. Need to hook up the wagon and give em a workout.
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I'm working Sat and I'm off Sunday, then working again Mon. I forgot it was Memorial day weekend. I'm so far behind this week. I have no clue why.
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Working Sunday and Monday--they don't have this holiday in the Pacific Rim on this day.

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Cool Mary Anne. My Step-father is a blacksmith and coachmaker and Mum showed horses, so I grew up pretty much smelling like a horse. Give them a carrot for me!
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I don't have any plans..just relaxing at home...
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Sleep - I'm going to sleep.
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Hubby's half bro, dad, and stepmom are in town this weekend, so we've got lots of plans! Tonight, me, hubby and his bro are going to a movie then cosmic bowling. Tomorrow we're doing breakfast and dinner with them and Sunday I have a graduation party among other things. Monday I plan to sleep in and relax.
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Saturday will be like all Saturdays; the my day to get groceries and cat food.

The buses won't run on Sunday or Monday so I will be home those days.
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