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I am a grandmother of 6,But if my sons had to move away to find work,I would be sad,but would not sue to keep the kids from moving away.There is a women in PA,who's son died and his wife met a man after 8 months and wants to move to another state,the grandmother is sueing to keep her and the 3 year old from doing it!Saying the child need her ,well maybe,but he also need his mom and a man in his life.And the mom needs to find happiness also,and the grandmother could also vist him!
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I read this story. The grandparents are alleging that the mother is unfit. If this is so, why aren't they suing for custody?

If Mark and Sam were to split up, I wouldn't try to stand in the way of Sam having a life. Feliza and Isabel are HER kids and she can raise them, as she sees fit.

Hopefully, a higher court will throw this frivolous suit out and that young woman can get on with her life. I was widowed at 30. Was I supposed to crawl into the box, with Russ? HE would have wanted me to be happy.
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I would want to make sure I had visitation court ordered. This way the "new" man in her life couldn't decide to seperate this child from my visits. There are so many insecure men in this world that feel they have to control the women in their life. I guess I am just paranoid, but better safe than sorry!
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The mother-in-law said she only mourned for 8 months,that is not long enough! Who is to say how long is enough? I am sure her husband would not want her to never have love again.The mother said she never said his grandparnets could not vist!
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I know I was very depressed when my daughter went to Virginia. I live in CA and missed her baby being born. Visiting isn't same when they are far away.

It is true that the widow deserves to begin a new life, but what can she really know about someone she has only known for 8 months? It is tramatic for a child to lose a parent, and to be removed from familiar suroundings may cause further trama.

I think the widow may be jumping at the first guy to look her way. Depression will cause that reaction. The fear of being alone outweighs the common sense of really knowing who you are getting involved with. For all she knows this guy could be a con man or child molester.

Ok so I worry...
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I don't know about her, but Ted & I only knew each other 3 months when we got married and we will be married 30 years in July. My son took his kids to Maryland for 6 months after they had lived with me for 5 years,I thought I would die without my grandkids,But I did't,Now they are back in the same town,so I get to see them everyday!Anyway to get back to the other grandmother,I think she is sad about the baby moving away,but she has no right to tell her she can not move away,she has to prove she is a unfit mother,she can not just say that, because she has fallen in love with someone else.
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Kids divorcing their parents , kids suing their parents, grandparents suing for custody ..... what is wrong with people?
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some people just can't be alone. Everyone is different and that women has no right to say that she hasn't mourned enough! How awful!!!
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I also post on a Second Wives's board and the site that hosts that also has a Grandparents' board. They've had to close that board several times because it gets so bad. I don't really see what Grandparents rights are all about unless they never get to see the child. If the mother is abusive keep calling CPS.
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The grandparnets lost.They do get 33 days a year to have him,I think they have to go to him. There was NO adusive on the mothers part.they are just mad because she found love again,and is moving away!
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I guess they cannot let go of a woman who was once a part of their sons life - my landlord's hubby died and his mother still wants her to do things for her - even though she has remarried. She has to learn to let go and let them get on with their lives. Its sad that they have to resort to calling the mother abusive just so they could see their grandchild - better to let him go on good terms and get to see him more often.
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