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i still say if you dont have a job, to be able to take care of a child, then you should take all precautiions not to havem, there is all kind of birthcontroll geeeeezzz. and if you do get pregnet,, go to work and keep yourself, i work with single moms that do that very thing.
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Originally posted by Tigger
this is by no means to offend someone, but what about certain religions who have huge families? From what I have understood, that this religion (if you know which one I am talking about) has so many kids because they think that when they die, they are going to become aliens or something like that on another planet....
I hope your not talking about the religion I think you are. Because if you are I'd have to tell you parts of your statements are derived from a combination of a bit of exaggeration and a bit of myth. Catholics believe in having big families. Does that bother you?
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Originally posted by Shell
Slightly changing the subject, but I've dealt with a lot of people on Medicaid at our Pharmacy. It's unbelievable how much their medicines are costing US! There is a couple in their late 50's, who do not work and don't think they ever have & are on Medicaid. They get 23 prescriptions every single month! Yes, that's right...23 of them! Their bill alone is over $1000! Most of the medications they are on are not necessary and there are several medicines available at a much lower cost that they could use but they want the "best stuff". Doctors don't care, they're getting state money from the office visits. I see so much of this everyday that it gets harder and harder for me to deal with them. I think the system is totally whacked and needs a complete overhaul. I don't mind paying my share for someone who honestly needs it, but it burns my britches to pay for someone who doesn't care about it, don't need it & are proud of it. I personally think the Elderly are the ones who need the most help right now. Let those younger people get out there and work to make a living. Here's another reason why I am disappointed in the system:
My late Grandfather had a stroke when I was just born. My GrandMother worked everyday and worked 2 jobs trying to support them both. They did not have insurance except for Medicare and her paychecks went for medicine to make him well. My family convinced them to see if they could get some State Aid until they could get back on their feet. After processing their records, the lady at the office told them "I'm sorry Mr. Gates, but you're 50 cents over the guidelines and we can not help you.". Fifty cents! But yet, my cousin with the 8 kids found out she was pregnant for the 3 or 4 time and she walked out of there with food stamps and the whole nine yards. Thankfully my Mom and Dad were able to scrounge up the money to help my Grandparents out.

The whole problem with the system as it is right now (at least here in Nebraska) is that they get more money being on Medicaid than if they were to get a job. To me, this encourages people to stay on the Aid. Why would they want to get off of it? You get money for sitting on your butt doing nothing all day and get paid MORE than if you were to work.

I don't think it is fair for you to judge all people who are on state aid. My father is on state aid, thank god for that! He has so many health problems and is facing a possible amputation in both legs, suffering from back problems, and bone cancer/poor circulation from diabetes which is causing his leg to be so painful, and because of the poor circulation has a huge whole the size of a tennis ball on his ankle. He is unable to work, he can't even stand more than 5 minutes without his leg turning blue. He recently just went back to the hospital for surgery to put stints in his heart and his leg in order to increase blood flow and give his legs a better chance of having the hole clear up, and for him to not feel as much pain. So far, it looks like the surgery went well, but the hole is still there and he still faces amputation. He has a bad heart and is always in the hospital. He has scars everywhere on his body from the numerous surgeries he has had, and it's so sad.

I will be visiting him next month and he won't be able to play with my son because he can't stand! He REALLY needs all the help he can get. He cannot work because he is in too much pain. He has thought about suicide because the pain he endures is unbearable. He's also on a morphine patch, which doesn't allow him outdoors because if the sun hits the patch it ups the dose and can cause an overdose. This is how my father lives everyday, with a nurse comming to change his bandages daily, in his tiny little trailor. He is lucky is he gets his laundry done once every two weeks, and if he has more than one tv dinner every few days. They will not give him hi social security because he is not old enough. Hopefully if he gets his leg amputated he can get a wheel chair or prostetic and try to get a job.

He is doing his best to take care of himself and make some money at home, by fixing neighbors computers and building custom computers for people, but as you can imagine there are only so many neighbors in his area.

As far as "younger" people getting out there and working, a lot of do, but it doesn't exactly make us millionairs. And for those of you you think you can wait til marriage and have kids, or go to college and then you will have no troubles you better sit down and get to know reality, as it doesn't work that way. My boss and his wife, both licensed veterinarians who have had plenty of schooling are still struggling with money after having twins. They have two other children, a younger daughter and an older daughter, and didn't expect to have twins, or expect that their college education wouldn't pay for their childrens needs.

There are several people out there who have been to college still looking for jobs, especially here in Oregon, because there are none. You are lucky if you find a job at Wendys, you take it! It is especially hard in my city, Eugene, because of the college pot heads take our jobs, and the people who live here struggle. I was lucky to get a call from my boss a few months ago and offered this job. Even the simplest of jobs are not hiring right now, or the "kids" take them away. My family trys their darndest to make ends meet for ourselves and our son. We both work, but it is not always enough. We both have college educations, but it's not enough. I am going back to school next year (took some classes this year and am all finished) to take some computer graphics classes, as being a veterinarian doesn't pay much. I need something else to do when my vet job isn't going to pay for everything.

More in another post..
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And what about financial assistance for college? I think THIS should be mandatory! I think every person should be allowed to go to college, whether they be poor or could afford it themselves. After all, you are not going to make a living working at Taco Bell or what not, you need an education to get at least a job that pays 2 bucks over minimum wage. How else are these people going to learn how to have a career if never offered the education. Should they not be able to go to college because they are poor?

I grew up on welfare and foodstamps and my mother was a single mother. She worked her butt off for us, working both days and nights as a hostess for the local Hilton. She did not sit on her butt, she worked for us. We still did not make enough, and we were lucky if we received a stuffed animal for Christmas. I don't think people should be judged on a few wrong choices. I too would help pay with my taxes people like my mother and father, no question about it! We are currently on food stamps, about $157 dollars a month. Not to long ago Dan lost a lot of hours at his workplace as business was just not booming as usual. It has been exteremely slow for PrintWear this year. He usually worked several extra hours during the summer, but this summer it has been dead. They lost a BIG business which was the Seven Feathers Casino, that was half of their revenue each year! We don't sit on our butt, we get out there and work, and work hard for our money! We don't buy good expensive clothes every week, I am lucky if I can get a new T-shirt every few months. Luckily I just got a big settlement which is allowing me to spend a few dollars on myself and my son, and fixing my house up.

Most of my sons clothes come from Target or are hand me downs, is that bad, no? I know how to budget my money, and don't go spending $100 dollars on little toddler shoes when I could get ones just as cute at Target. So, my point is, I would support anyone who really needs it with my tax dollars, because I know how it is, I have been there.

I WILL NOT however tolerate people who do get assitance and abuse it. For instance, my boyfriends (no I am not married, nor do I think I should be at this time) sister who has a 2 and a half year old son. She was 17 when she had her baby, and the father was 16. She did finish school, which is a good thing, but she is on welfare and other assistance. She drives a nice car, which she is always adding things to, such as new paint jobs or neon lights, has Adidas shoes and Tommy Hilfigger clothes for herself and her son, constantly buy things for her room such as new beadspreds with her welfare money! She has every cd she ever wants etc. That is what her money goes to. She only works two days a week!

While I am sitting here working 5 days a week, and Dan 7 and we use our money on things we NEED. Food, utility bilss, diapers, clothes we need, not want etc. We don't drive fancy cars, or die our hair every month (although last month Dan treated me to a cut, style and color after my bird passed away and I had a bad day), or get our nails done. I shop responsibly, and look for deals. If I want a certain brand of shirt I go to Ross, where the prices are cheaper. This way, we can save more money for outings spent with family and our son, such as camping or taking a trip to the local waterfall. We like to spend the money on things that are going to make our family bond more, and it's working. We pay our bills on time and always have food in the fridge. There are several things we sacrifice but it's well worth it. Once I am finished with college we will no longer need foodstamps or any help, and right now that is my main goal.

I have been lucky as my son is not going to grow up the way I did, granted my mom did her best, but growing up on welfare is not the best life.

But one more thing I would like to add, I also believe that health care should be available to EVERYONE! I am a big believer in everyone getting healthcare coverage. Of course, I also believe you should work and if able, pay for it yourself. Our foodstamps end this month, as we no longer need them. Other people might thing abusing the system if fun as they can use the money to buy a bunch of things, but it's much more rewarding when you can do it yourself!
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Originally posted by Tybalt

Universal Health Care: I voted for Clinton in hopes of this.
LOL, I know. What happened to that? Stupid presidents, grrr.
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While I agree with the welfare needing to be revamped have to disagree with WIC. My Sister-in-law had a louse of a husband that walked out on her right after they signed on a house. 1 adorable 6yr old girl & a son on the way, WIC really helped those kids. I think the problem is not the programs, but the system that is not putting checks in to make sure it's not abused.
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why cant people understand that tax payers are fed up with the welfare program, heck they keep taking more and more taxes out, that they cant afford things for their families that welfare people are getting, i am talking about the people that are on welfare because they are to damn laxy to work, BOTTOM LINE, im not talking about some one who is crippled or old and cant work, not at all, im all for that, im talking about the magority of the people on this program is on it because they refuse to work, and thats jsut true. when i go to the stores and see a young person or couples that are so lazy they wont even wash, and no reason why they cant work, and they are buying a bunch of foolishness with their stamps or card, it makes me sick. its to bad we all cant get everything free to better ourselves but you know what someone has to foot the bill and i think tax payers are getting tierd of it, so please dont misunderstand about this, if you pay taxes out the butt i would think you would understand
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